Opening the Dynalist backup files results in "Illegal byte sequence" (1)
Navigating directly to a search is very slow or doesn't work (1)
Can't download files or view (expand) attached images with desktop app (1)
Moving a bullet to a new doc breaks its bookmark (5)
Add via ARI, and Google sync (2)
Tab key don't indents list item in Note (1)
Copy-paste text from Word (Mac) results in scrambled text (2)
Pasting any info from an outlook email or microsoft word inserts masses of extra xml tag code (2)
iPad moving / dragging nodes (1)
Can’t upload multiple images/files at once (1)
iPhone scrolling problem (1)
Dynalist android app pans back to cursor after manipulating another list (3)
Dynalist doesn't search LaTeX (1)
New actions bar hides text (1)
API /doc/read does not include 'parent' property (1)
Broken \vec in LaTeX (1)
Memory usage with large list ( 2 ) (23)
Unable to access Pasted Images in Shared Document (6)
Cannot copy item list item by dragging in Firefox 63.0.3 on Mac (4)
With search on, indenting new nodes inside parents without children hides them (3)
Pressing ENTER to create new line (with search on) creates a new entry in the wrong place (3)
Colored lines indent (6)
Dates don't sync to Google Calendar (2)
HTML export does not work well with markdown links (2)
Recurring dates don't repeat when completing multiple items (4)
Overdue dates in checked items are displayed in red instead of gray (2)
Can't paste an image into Dynalist on Win10/Chrome (19)
iOS app freezes on startup (3)
Not able to choose Calendar (5)
Negative downtime according to Uptime Robot? (3)