Auto-detect theme doesn't work with Android's dark mode

I would expect that if the theme is set to “auto detect” then when I change to dark mode on my Android the theme would change to the the black theme. However it is remains light.

Thanks for the report!

Great it is working now

Now it seems to be broken again

It’s not your fault - the program only detects theme on app start. I will make a fix for this soon.

Actually, I just inspected the code and we did add an auto detector a while ago already… What version of Android are you using, and if you can find it, what version of the “Android WebView” app is installed on your device? That’s the engine that powers apps like Dynalist, which should have been automatically updated by the app store, but sometimes isn’t and causes issues like this.

Hi Shida,

It’s not working for me either. I use

Android System WebView

Hope this helps, thanks for your help

Also using 94.0.4606.61

Can verify that auto switching of theme doesn’t work on the official Dyanalist app even on fully updated Android, webview and Dynalist app.

However, it works fine on app shortcut created through a browser (aka, PWA). Just open Dyanalist on any browser like Chrome or Vivaldi and add ‘shortcut’ to home screen.

There is a trade-off involved. The shortcut app won’t accept a ‘share’ intent from other apps the way Dynalist official app does. Also I have noticed some sync issues.