"Apply Color Label" does not apply to sibling items

Steps to reproduce

If I select an item and its siblings, and use the shortcut to apply a color label, it only applies the color label to the item, not the siblings.

Expected result

I would expect the color label to be applied to all the items selected, including the siblings.

For instance, if I do the same thing with a different formatting command, like italics or bold, the format is applied to all those items, including the siblings.

Or if I select multiple items on the same level (no siblings), and I press the hotkey to apply color label, it applies the color label to all the items, as expected.

Actual result

The color label is not applied to the siblings, despite them being selected.


Windows 11
Chrome, Edge
Not using third-party scripts

I couldn’t reproduce what you see

  • open dynalist in chrome
  • drag mouse over 3 nodes, so 3 are selected
  • click one nodes menu
  • click yellow

Result: all 3 nodes are yellow

I also did it with a hotkey.

  • set ctrl-shift 8 to color label 3
  • drag mouse over 3 items
  • ctrl-shift-8

Result: all 3 are colored

Just realized a theory: Did you actually mean “children” (the nodes nested under the parent node) and not “siblings” (the other nodes at the same level)? In that case, yes, I do see that it does not color the children.

Now I bet that’s what you meant. Ok I get it now.

My guess is this is intended behavior, since there is no method to select just a parent. If you select a parent, all the children and grandchildren get selected too, always. So, the developers had to make a UIUX decision about what most users intend when applying color to a selected parent.