Folder Vanish Entirely By Bug?

I was logged out automatically.
After logging in, all folders and files were gone.

Got a Error: 404 Page Not Found Not sure where this is? We have no idea either.

I still have the URL which i saved as a bookmark -

Can someone help?
There was a lot of work on this List.

Have any Screenshots?

If you have two Dynalist accounts, like me, you’ll notice that sometimes when you logoff from one account and log into the other one you’ll receive this message “404 Page Not Found Not sure where this is? We have no idea either”.
This is due to the database reference which doesn’t match the URL. In other words, the account no. 2 can’t read the contents of account no. 1 and therefore the error is brought up.
There’s a link on this page that reads “Go to homepage” which will redirect you to the Home document of your most recently logged-in account.


On the other hand, if you happen to have the Files structure as below, there’s nothing to worry as this is part of the Dynalist Live Demo and it’s only shown when you have no account logged in.


Hope that makes sense.

BTW, after many years using Dynalist, I’ve never been logged out from any of my accounts automatically… Did you share, by any chance, your account or a document with anyone else?

Hey, thanks for the detailed answer.

I have not shared my data with anyone and have not logged out myself.

But this is not the first time that I was logged out just like that. Only afterwards the data was still there.

I know on which account I had used the data. I still get the error message with the relevant account.

I see only this in the account.

In this case try emailing support@ and see if they can find the folder under your account.

Remember that in the Desktop App menu you can click on “Help” and there is a link at the bottom for contacting support directly. (It may be a Pro version feature).

thanks for the awesome information.

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