Ctrl-/shift-click bullet to open in new window

Steps to reproduce

  1. Ctrl-click a bullet.

Expected result

It opens in a new tab.

Actual result

It opens in the current tab.

I have to work around this by moving my mouse to the tab bar, right-clicking to open the context menu, hitting “Duplicate”, waiting for everything to load, when it’s done loading, finding my position on the page again, which can be very difficult if it’s long, clicking the bullet, and switching back to my original tab. Sometimes I have to do this 3–4 time if I want all sub-items open in different windows.




We already fixed ctrl-clicking breadcrumbs to open in a new tab—let’s fix this too! Being able to open Dynalist in multiple tabs is one of its killer features, and personally, this would be a huge boost.

Really need this!

Another way of opening in new tab (which also doesn’t work) is middle clicking.

I believe this was already fixed a while ago.