Bugs with content sharing in Dynalist on Android

Steps to reproduce

Dynalist on Android supports receiving data from another application via standard Android data sharing. Sometimes this feature is called “Send to other applications.”
Typically, when we share content from another application with Dynalist, the app displays the Add to Inbox screen. I’ve attached a screenshot just in case.

Expected result

Once we click on the Add button, the content will be added to the bottom or top of the specified Inbox destination and we will see the Dynalist app open at the last position.

Actual result

When the Dynalist application is first launched, content sharing works as expected. But soon the application goes into one of two weird modes, and the sharing behaves incorrectly. In the first mode, when we share content with Dynalist, the Add to Inbox screen is not displayed. We just see the Dynalist application open. So, we need to go back to the previous app, and often we need to select the desired text again, which is not so easy in some android apps. In the second mode, we get the “Add to Inbox” screen, however, the content of this screen is one of the old, previously saved content. For example, let’s say we want to send Dynalist the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXXXXXXX, but instead the Add to Inbox screen contains the link https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=AAAAAAAAAA , previously shared with Dynalist. This is unacceptable. People lose their notes. Also, some shared content is not human readable. For example, the YouTube ID is not human readable and is difficult to control. I’m writing to you instead of opening a bug report because I don’t know when or what triggers these two modes. But after a day or two of using the sharing, it starts to fail.


Samsung Galaxy 22 and Pixel 4a

Additional information

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Additional comments

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