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Should the "move" command move to the next item or keep going backwards? (2)
Should "make checklist" option add checkbox to parent item? (11)
Clipper extension - what inputs should it have when you click its icon in browser? (3)
When you split an item with Enter key, should the children follow the first or last character? (1)
In showing 1st of note mode, should the note of the current title be an exception? (13)
All feature requests should moved to somewhere where it can be a more data-based decision (6)
When you move, delete, check, etc. items, should focus then move to the item below, or to the item above? (1)
Order of tags in tag autocomplete "Show all" interface (1)
Should item be auto-focus when you zoom into it? (4)
Item finder results when no search term is entered (2)
A quick way to go to inbox ( 2 ) (29)
Should anonymous visitors use your view settings? (12)
Expected behavior when complete zoomed in item (10)
Collapsed state of shared documents (14)
Should note appear when search term matches note, with note set to hidden? (8)
Should making a checklist affect only direct children or all levels or children? (6)
Dropbox Paper Embed Integration (5)
Meta poll: should we open a "poll group"? (4)
Showing icon vs nothing at all when hiding note (2)
Mobile toolbar design (3)
What would you mainly use Version History feature for? (1)
Capture to inbox follow up poll 1: position to send to (2)
Capture to inbox follow up poll 2: additional secondary inboxes (16)
Do you use Dynalist at wider or narrower than 600px? (16)
Should the search term get cleared when you zoom into an item? (with option to say "it should be optional") (11)
Should the search term get cleared when you zoom into an item? (3)