Should item be auto-focus when you zoom into it?


This post led to me to wonder about this.

Current behavior is yes. The Pro is that you have something to work with immediately. If nothing is focused, no keyboard shortcut work work. The con is that markdown expansion caused annoyance.

  • Auto-focus (current behavior)
  • No auto-focus
  • We need yet another option for toggling this behavior

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Respect the "Focus on first item" settings for item links

A 4th option is autofocus the second item instead (which makes sense if you consider the other item more of a title or heading rather than something you intend to edit)


Most of the time I’m just viewing items when I zoom in. If my intent is to edit the heading/title, zooming in just seems like an unnecessary step.

Additionally, I often find zooming in useful when I want to edit an item that’s further down the list or is nested in further. Editing/adding an item directly below the heading also doesn’t warrant a zoom imo (since you can just click the heading and hit enter).


Thanks for the input, guys! :blush: