Sort by Date (new to old) or (future to past)

This is just a minor UI annoyance I’ve noticed. My brain has a segment fault, full memory dump, and BSOD trying to figure out if I want (new to old) or (old to new). Is it just me? No big deal, just curious if others “need a moment” when they read it.

  • (Old to New) / (New to Old) is clear and intuitive
  • (Past to Future) / (Future to Past) is clear and intuitive
  • Both are equally clear and intuitive
  • Both confuse me

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I don’t like Past to Future because all my dates, mostly, are past. These are Date-modified right?

Wait what? I thought it sorts by the calendar date you tagged in markdown. Haha now I have to double-check

It sorts by ! date and if there’s no ! it sorts by alphabetical order, modified date is ignored.