All feature requests should moved to somewhere where it can be a more data-based decision

when i’ve seen these feature requests across software & stuff

  • and many of them never get done

  • and there’s always duplicates that clutters up things/forums etc.

i always wondered why even have it then

it seems better to have all feature requests moved to ‘polls’ of this forum

or something like

when i first saw that, i was like ‘wow that’s a good way, to base it on votes’ (then you have a better signal of what is more desired, more important, etc.)

caveats flaws & negatives:

the problem of gaming the polls

  • a quick glance at that site seems like it just needs an email, so that could be gamed

  • a site like does an ip check tho that prob could be gamed to a lesser extent than the above

  • but the polls on this ‘discuss’ or ‘discourse’ forum can also be gamed? not sure

but anyhow i think the important thing is that the vast majority of the users arent crazy enough to do that (maybe on some site with teens talking about celebs or video games that would be more of a probelm)

google polls/forms is likely the best one out there for features and checking and just everything (i think?) – (not sure if there’s a best one out there for use by very large mega-corps)

more caveats flaws & negatives:

i should also say that users in general would be likely to ask for soemthing if the difficulty/effort is upped, such as making poll

i however think this is a good thing tho cos we (in any context and anywhere with anything like science or w/e) – cos we dont just want random non-informed or infrequent and edge cases-type opinions when it comes to feature that would be more helpful/useful to more ppl/users

probably the biggest flaw overall

the much more important thing is that the polls should be separated by pro users and non

who or what kind of user is doing the voting is extremely extremely important

sample bias and all that you know

  • make this whole thing better and move ‘feature requests’ to something more data-driven
  • leave everything as is and leave everything in stagnation
  • separate pro and non in the sample – & do the first thing, move
  • don’t separate pro and non in the sample – & do the first thing, move
  • separate pro and non in the sample – & do the 2nd thing, stagnate
  • don’t separate pro and non in the sample – & do the 2nd thing, stagnate
  • data is bad & evil & misleading & has too many errors, let’s just go with feelings
  • i dont care, i dont care, i dont care about nothing
  • i dunno, i dunno nothing so i should pick this option

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p.s. yes if someone happens to choose all 9 options their vote would be pretty pointless/purposeless

Data based is here:

There is number of votes shown for each feature request.

Please try to keep your posts concise (a TL;DR would be a good idea, for example) and capitalize the proper letters so it’s easier for others on the forum to engage with your content. Thanks in advance.

Is this guy for real?? Surely not…

I can’t decipher this polls options so I cant vote

need a less compound question

My opinion on “data based” decisions is that most people hold flippant and wrong opinions and havent thought very hard or read very deeply, so consensus decision (poll results) are usually the wrong course to take. A visionary owner of a project who is open to all feedback but does the real work of mentally modeling the outcome is best. The general public doesn’t know what it wants until it’s already decided for them. Science and data are easily misunderstood and misused tools. We call people like that “logiclords” at work and make sure they never get promoted to any sort of power over the course of the company.

Thanks for the insights. We also want to listen to all the feedback but want to make final decisions ourselves instead of being bound to a poll result. We interpret a feature with 150 votes as “many people really want this!!!” but not as “that’s exactly the next thing we will do”.

Thank you for being understanding!

Btw: did you find this thread by accident? It’s kind of old…

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haha, i did not notice it was so old. i think there’s just not a lot threads total in the polls forum so thats why i saw it

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