Google Calendar checked item appearance

How would you like to see your completed items on Google Calendar?

  • I don’t want to see them at all
  • Add “[X]” or “[Completed]” in front of the event title
  • Add my custom defined text in front of the event title

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It would be ideal if we could line-through the event title, but I don’t think that’s possible. We can only put in a plain text string.


Thank you for putting this poll up, Erica!

Here’s one example that seems to work pretty well. The checked-off items all seem to drop to the bottom too, an added bonus as it helps keeps things visually organized!

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Having something denoting that an item is checked is very useful for me. During the GTD weekly review, one needs to confirm if everything marked in the calendar is completed during the past week. With this feature, one can easily tell by viewing the calendar if something has been completed or not, then one does not need to locate to the Dynalist item that has the calendar event.

Hi @Wen, it’s already implemented back in Jan (the [X] option):

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Hi Erica,

Thanks for the update. I also noticed this change in my calendar. I wrote to say that I loved having this feature.


Ah, I see, sorry for misunderstanding your message!

I’m so glad it’s helping with your weekly GTD reviews :slight_smile: