Should "make checklist" option add checkbox to parent item?

  • Yes (current behavior)
  • No (only children items get checkboxes)
  • Toggleable between the two above behaviors with an option

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"Make checklist" turns node itself into a checklist

Can I suggest two other poll options?

c. A new user setting / preference.

d. An extra keyboard shortcut / hamburger menu item:

  • Make checklist (parent and children)
    (Existing menu item could be renamed to something like: Make checklist (only children)


Added option c.

These two behaviors are not different enough to become two menu options in my opinion though. Got any use cases in mind where a user wants to use both of these at the same time?


None use case comes to my mind.
In fact I tend to prefer maximum flexibility in general from a user point of view, although I know this results in greater difficulties to design a good UX and to test things.


I would actually prefer to have the parent node not appear as a check box. some how it visually throws off the look of an outline.

However, I can say that it is useful at times to have it as a checkbox for those time when you do complete all the sub tasks. So Ideally, it would be nice to be able to toggle this on and off.



Yeah, I agree.

The behavior has existed since the beginning of Dynalist though, so somehow I must have gotten familiar with it in a weird way :wink:


This isn’t part of the current poll, but my wish is to be able make a parent item that has a checkbox with out the children all getting checkboxes. I’ve taken to using highlight colors instead of checkboxes because of this issue.


@Alan this is interesting and well stated. I think it reflects that just having more ability to customize the checklist is nice. I also like the idea of having non checkable items below a checkable parent node.

I do have to say I like the current mode as a “Default” for the creation of new checklists, but then the ability to toggle each node independently of the parent node would provide the most flexibility.


@erica Wow, I see this feature is now working. Thanks for quickly implementing it!


Which feature? :hushed:


Is this feature planned?
It seems that the poll was very conclusive on not maintaining the current behavior.