Should anonymous visitors use your view settings?

Scenario: you created a document and shared it publicly via URL. Now, what’s your opinion on whether should anonymous visitors see the document with default view settings or your view settings?

  • They should use my view settings
  • They shouldn’t use my view settings automatically, I need to enable this behavior
  • They shouldn’t use my view settings ever because it’s my private settings

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since this is my note I want it to look like i want when shared

Just to comment on this, the implication is that when you view someone else’s note, you’ll see it as he/she sees it too, which is not what you’re used to.

this is exactly what happens when you give to users to much power. remove user font choise - and you’ll get rid of the problem. I think it is the best solution so far.

this is ok, since user want it to look like this

I don’t understand why user font choice is to blame? Most of the options under Settings - Preferences - Appearance affect how a document looks. Try them out and you’ll see.

I’m not going to blame. What I’m saing is more functionality you give - it gives you more problems.

Removing the functionality isn’t the solution though, as functionality is important too, right? :slight_smile:

We should try to solve the problem instead of “removing” the problem, that’s our attitude at least.

I would guess from the point of view of promoting your brand, having anonymous users see your default viewing options is best.

That said, it would be nice to allow (presumably a pro-only feature) users to enable a different view setting if desired. One use case would be when embedding dynalist documents into another website—allowing a user to specify the viewing options would allow the embed to blend in better. Probably though this feature has limited use until the ability to use custom CSS is allowed (which as I understand it is a separate feature currently under consideration.)

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by default

as a presenter,

  • they should by default see it as i see it (then i know how it looks to them)

as a user,

  • there should be basic options to change how it’s viewed, cos presenter can make bad decisions

Would it make sense to set it to default to the note author’s settings but have an option in the guest viewer’s “view options” to view in default layout?

Personally, I would like to know how it looks to the recipient. If I’m viewing it in article format and I share it, I don’t want to explain to them that they have to go into view options and tick “article”.

What if you change your view settings though? Would they see the updated view settings automatically?

See, I don’t know how it would be implemented technically. But would it sync similar to how it does when you’re editing content? Even if it required a page refresh to see the view settings changes, that would still be great.