Idea to enhance connected thought with live edits in search view

I am a pro user of Dynalist.
Problem - I have tagged together lots of ideas and when I want to see them I use the tag search with or without “ancestor” . The limitation of search is that if I want to edit one block as soon as I click on it - it opens that block as a page and the rest of the search content is nolonger visible.
Solution - can I make edits live on blocks in search view. this way while I edit i can see other ideas from other blocks and I can think and edit on the topic on one page. Remnote does this with their clustering of blocks/rems but I dont like the UX at all.

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In the default search view you can in fact make edits already. Click on the text, not the bullet

Not sure I agree or am I doing something wrong. I can edit from searches but this is what I am doing…

  1. From a saved search in bookmark or live search. I create a open a search on a topic.
    2.I move cursor over text and the block is highlighted. The cursor does not let me edit there.
  2. I click in and it opens that block as a separate new page. I have now lost the view of the entire search on that topic. so I am now only editing one idea. I am not looking at all the connected ideas when I am editing.
  3. I then have to switch back to the search view to see the connected idea.

Have I done it wrong. Is there a way to edit one block in a search in the search view?
My goal here is to use searches or tags to group ideas. and then use search view to review and edit a series of notes on a topic. this helps improve the thinking and learning on an idea. jumping back and forth is just not idea. but I can live with it if its the only way

What you experience is not what it’s supposed to be. What platform are you using?

I think what’s going on here is that Grant is doing a global (across all documents) search, which you can’t edit, while Alan is doing a local (within one document) search, which you can edit - so Grant at the moment your only workaround is to change the structure of your dynalist so that all the things you want to search for are in one document. The main searches I have where I want to edit are tasks / project management, which is all in one place – for information retrieval across all documents I don’t need to edit so the current system works ok for me - I wouldn’t hold out for a change as development is slow atm.

PS. For me global search is ctrl + enter, normal search is just enter - these might not be defaults

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Yeah. If you want editable search, you must keep everything in 1 document only. It keeps it all in RAM and therefore can do more powerful and quick functions. If you make >1 document, it unloads data out of RAM and things become sucky. There are a few other advantages of 1 document too, so I tend to advocate for it. For people who insist on making a lot of documents, I suggest at least trying Obsidian, as it’s more that style.

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Thank you for the above comments StephenD and BigC. I have tested the edit in search from a single document rather than all documents. this works. Note some of my searches were on single documents but I was working with all document search. correcting the search rules has saved me time. thank you