Link with title or just the link when inserted with "[["?

Do you want link with title or just the link when inserted with β€œ[[”?

  • Just the link (title will automatically show and live update when rendered)
  • Use the current title (title won’t live update; this is the current behavior)

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Live update has to be really fast also when a lot of references are used. The slow/delayed rendering was a reason for me to move away of just using links.

Jan, the slow update seems to have been fixed in a recent update. Raw links to Dynalist items update live as I edit the target text.


Live update ftw!

Being able to see the title, with either of the two options, is very useful. My use case for having the current title included is as follows.

I may refer to an item (item A) in item B. Sometimes I need to move item A to some other places, which should be fine if the ID of item A does not change. However, if the ID of item A changes, e.g. when converting item A to a separate document, I can no longer go to item A by clicking the link given in item B. In this case, if the title of item A is still there, I can search with the title to locate item A.

Still, it would be great to have the title and have it updated, as sometimes one may change the title of item A.