A quick way to go to inbox


Thought this might be of interest. I personally would want it.

What do you think?

  • The current state is fine
  • I prefer a shortcut to go to inbox
  • I prefer a button on the UI to go to inbox

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@erica, i don’t quite follow, what do you mean by “quick way to go to inbox”?

I would really love a way to add a quickinbox outside of dynalist with a chrome extension though :slight_smile:


It simply means “quick way to open the inbox location”. Does that make it clearer?


do you mean press a hotkey, immediately zoom into that bulletpoint designated as “inbox”?

that would be nice :slight_smile:


Yes that’s exactly what I meant. Whether it should be a hotkey or a button is the topic of this poll.


Not really, the thing I want to do quickly in regards to inbox is send things there, which we have a function for. Why do you want to go there quickly? I’d prefer to go other places quickly, like my ‘today’ list


For reviewing the inbox item and sending them to appropriate places, I would assume.


Mmm fair enough, we must have different workflows as clearing my inbox is something I do once a day, never something I need to do rapidly or multiple times in a day - my vote is option 4: ‘Have a shortcut to go to a list instantly, but have this be separately customisable from the inbox (and, ideally, allow more than one of these)’ - to be honest though, if bookmarks have highly unique names I do find ctrl + o -> first few letters -> enter rapid enough, but I wouldn’t say no to faster :slight_smile:


That sounds a little hard to design properly. I mean we could offer 1 slot, 3 slots, or 5 slots, but I guess there will always be people who find it to be not enough. Sounds more like something that’s in a efficiency-focused plugin rather than Dynalist itself.

There should be easy to make a macro though (open finder - enter correct term - hit Enter), if that’s your thing.


Yes it is easy - ok I bow out of this vote :slight_smile:


@Stephen_Dewitt @Vincent_Tang

This shortcut is available for customization now! :slight_smile:



where is that shortcut anyhow? I can’t find it

Also I’m using the inbox mostly as a “maybe do-it later project ideas”, whenever I get a tangential idea


In keymap settings, under “navigating & moving”. Make sure you’re on the latest version :slight_smile:


For me inbox is that top level of my document. I would love a quick way to get their on mobile. The issue is, if I’m on row 79 of the current context, the upward nav links are only available at the top and i must vigorously scroll to get there. Safari on the other hand shows me the top by simply tapping the top edge of the screen.


An option to make the breadcrumbs fixed in position?


If by that you mean the line that goes

Top > Middle > Lower



Yeah, that’s what the WorkFlowy app does, at least.

The obvious pro is that it’s easy to go back and go to home. The obvious con is that it takes up some screen space.


I suggest to mimic iPhone Safari. The location bar is hidden but appears if you tap the top of screen.


You mean the location bar at the bottom? It appears when you scroll up in general.

In Dynalist most of the content is editable text, so tapping on them should enter editing mode, not do something else, in my opinion.


Every web browser puts the address bar at the top, not bottom. On a phone it is hidden if you scroll down.

“most content is editable”. Yes but I’m talking about the screen-edge. You can detect the edge case and treat that different from ordinary tapping an item.

Instead of a tap, you can make this happen on a scroll-up, and make it go away on a scroll-down.