On the mobile app, do you open the menu more often or navigate back more often?

Asking this because there’s no good way to navigate back on the iOS app (on Android you usually have the back button).

  • I open the sidebar menu more often
  • I navigate back more often

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I would navigate back but it’s not possible.

I would keep the folder menu on top left, but do a margin swipe to go back. Safari uses margin swipe so it’s an understood gesture.

P.S. I really want to use hyperlinks, but without Back, it just doesn’t work out practically speaking to organize that way on my phone.

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Maybe I should edit the poll to say “I intend to navigate back more often”? Sorry for the misunderstanding. Wanted to ask about intention and not actual action (because it’s not really possible on the iOS app).

Can you make it a priority to add a button? I don’t care if it’s on the top bar, the bottom bar or a swipe action, I am feeling very constricted in my mobile navigation because I can’t use hyperlinks effectively because I can’t get back. I can’t visit a search result effectively because I can’t get back.

Which means I tend not to use search and tend not to create links. I wanted to, but it wasn’t efficient.