In showing 1st of note mode, should the note of the current title be an exception?

Basically, when you have a long note and your note visibility setting is “1st line”, you’ll see something like this:

Now the question is, once you zoom into this item, should you see the full note or just the first line? (Full detail would be the following screenshot)

  • Just the first line
  • The full note

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I hope even if the full note option didn’t win the vote, you will consider add it as an option. Thanks.

I have a few gripes about the title not having all the functions of other items. This one just isn’t on my radar.

Having the current parent as full note showing regardless of global note setting would be my preference but probably good to have the behaviour as a deep option

Hmm, does that you mean you want to see the full note, just the first line, or you’re indifferent?

Indifferent, but if I had to choose, I would say “same as every other note”.

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I personally like to always see the full note for the top item in the current view. I use long notes a lot (a small essay for each note). I use “1st line” view by default because my list would be unreadable with all notes expanded. But I find it frustrating that the note I’m editing collapses to a single line every time I click outside it (sometimes accidentally). Having the top item never collapse would solve this as I can just zoom in to any item to edit the note.

But… my preferred alternative (scope creep warning) would be:

Change the note settings to be an item attribute rather than a document attribute and make it really easy to toggle any item between “show”, “1st line”, or “hide” (preferrably a single click or keyboard shortcut to toggle). This would allow showing full notes for specific items in the list while showing 1st line or hiding notes of other items. To be usable this would also require a way to change note settings of multiple selected items together.

But I get if that is a level of complexity it may be preferable to avoid for most users and I’d be super happy just to change the behaviour of “1st line” to show the full note for the top item (this is the behaviour in Workflowy, by the way). Cheers.

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I also really like the idea of a keyboard command to expand the note of the currently editing item - Nirvana works like this (alongside the global setting).

I clicked “1st line only” and it counted me vote as "show the whole note. These polls are wonky

Edit: nevermind, there’s just a 10-20 second delay. It shows you the old results for 10-20 seconds then changes. you can tell by flipping between show and hide results and seeing it flip.

Like in the keyboard shortcut would bring the note to the front and allow you to edit it? That’s clever!

Ok, thanks for the heads up! Maybe a person just voted before you.

Hmmm, I hesitate to lose my clever badge, but I think I didn’t mean this quite. The ‘edit note’ shortcut would do what you say wouldn’t it? What I mean is the shortcut would expand the note for the current item, without moving the cursor and then even as you move your cursor to other items, that note would remain expanded - so it’s a permanent note expansion until you undo it – the question of whether this would remain when you leave the current view and come back would be tricky …

Ah, I see. Yeah, keeping state of which notes are expanded is tricky. And knowing when to clear those expanded states…