Quick way to implement collaboration features: Integrated with a good collaboration software

I found a few people want to use Dynalist further and communicate with their friends/colleagues.

I myself is an Asana user. Though, I find their software is great in many ways, (collaboration, project management wise), its hierarchy sucks. It has only workable 3 levels, project, section and task. (organization, team and sub-task excluded). This probably their weakest point at the moment. It’s the top voted features Ideas/Feedback to display subtasks - #69 by Mike_Sturt - Product Feedback - Asana Forum

There are a few kind of services already integrated with Asana and I was hoping that Dynalist could integrate with them too. This is a win for both world. Dynalist will have all collaborative functions ( such as shown in this post Mentions+subscribing via @NAME). Asana will have unlimited hierarchy.

As an Asana user, I think we are willing to pay Dynalist pro for this.

What do you think?

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I think the idea itself is nice, however Dynalist and Asana are both too full-featured to integrate with each other.

All the Asana-unique fields will disappear in Dynalist and vice versa.

I’m surprised no one has created any Asana app to make multi-level lists possible. Maybe it’s because of the limitation of the platform – Asana itself just won’t accept sub-tasks for subtasks.

In that case, when there are too many levels of subtasks needed, maybe just link to Dynalist? Since an integration probably can’t display sub-levels in Asana either, you’ll have to view the subtasks somewhere that’s not Asana.

Hi Erica,

You are right, Asana has limitation of 5 levels of subtasks.
Actually, there is an app called Instagantt.com that make use of sub task and create multi-level list. They are doing well too, with 4,000 paying companies.

To integrate with Asana there are a few ways I can think of, such as Asana/Tasks = Dynalist/Items, Asana/Projects = Dynalist/Item’s Parent. This way you will have unlimited level of hierarchy in Asana. Either that or use the Asana’s custom fields.

However, it’s not necessary be Asana. It could be others. Asana is just one of a few good collaboration tools out there. Quire.io is another one that similar to Asana but with unlimited hierarchy. Though, its API is not out yet. It’s in developing stage, just like Dynalist. Not to mention basecamp, wrike, trello, JIRA, etc. The idea here is instead of developing the whole system by yourself, you could integrate with another system to save time.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll think about it.

I think the idea itself is nice, however Dynalist and Asana are both too full-featured to integrate with each other. All the Asana-unique fields will disappear in Dynalist and vice versa.

This statement is too extreme; I actually think the two are very possible to be integrated. All it takes is clear decision making on what / how things will be represented in each.

For example, the highest level of a list can be projects, 2nd level sections, 3rd level tasks, 4th level sub-tasks. 5th level and below can be notes.

Tags and hashtags can sync and due dates can be represented as Dynalist’s date-picker. Other fields or information could be explicitly not included or further represented in the notes. Assignments and mentions can be done in Dynalist via @.

Is it perfect? No. But that’s to be expected with pretty much any integration. As long as documentation on how things work is clear, it could still add a whole lot of value.

Personally, I’d love to see something implemented. Dynalist is much easier to work with than Asana but unfortunately not as user friendly for collaboration yet!

Even a uni-directional situation, where Dynalist could be exported in an Asana-friendly format such that lists could be uploaded would be beneficial. A recurring task could potentially be scheduled to export Dynalist and upload it to an Asana project.

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