How do you stay up-to-date on collaborators' edits?


I have had this conversation a few times:

A: What did you think of such-and-such?
Me: What is such-and-such?
A: What do you mean? It’s the thing I shared with you the other day!
Me: I don’t remember this.
A: It’s on our shared Dynalist!

I don’t seem to get any notification when a collaborator updates Dynalist, and don’t have a method to stay updated on all edits. What’s a simple, effective way to see all the changes collaborators have made?

Notifications on shared lists
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Hmm, we can maybe display an orange dot or something over a document that’s modified by a collaborator when you haven’t checked it out.

To answer your question, if you already know changes have been made to a document, you can check it’s version history in the right click menu.


I see; some sort of notification like that dot idea would definitely help!