Dynalist feature requests pertaining to collaboration

  • Version History, with the option to rollback to about any state (having limited states is better than nothing to me, ideally unlimited, but being able to delete certain versions might work out well, too.)

  • Being able to embed Dynalist in a document

This would could be tricky, as you would need others to sign up for Dynalist, if they cannot edit the document.

  • Who edited what and when.

  • Allowing anyone with a link that’s singed into Dynalist to edit the document.

This might cost extra, since multiple copies would have to be saved and due to any increased server load.

  • A way to pay for image hosting, so that way contributors can easily upload things as needed. With a standard rate + additional fees for bandwidth and hosting that are adjusted every month.

  • Custom domain name support, although one could simply redirect to the Dynalist, lol.

  • A getting started guide for those new to collaboration.

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Thanks for the comprehensive list!

I’ll add a tiny note: here’s a link to the main revision history feature request post.

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We’re thinking unlimited history for Pro. Not decided if free users should get limited history or no history at all. Any idea on this is much appreciated!

“Document” being a Dynalist document or something else, like a webpage? You can use iframe to do this right now, and the Dynalist header will auto-hide if you embed it with an iframe. (Example: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground)

As a separate feature? I’m thinking this could be part of revision history?

Mind elaborate on possible use cases? How is this different from allowing anyone to edit? Is it for preventing documents being messed up by “anonymous”?

It’s hard to say how we should charge for this… maybe they can just use the document owner’s quota?

Yeah, I agree redirecting will be easier, plus it looks like it’s on your website, not ours. (You own the content anyway so I’m guessing it’s preferable to leave that impression.)

Great idea! Just like the onboarding guide, but with focus on collaboration related features.

Quip used to limit it to 30 days. I think Dynalists can go with 5. Personally speaking, I would keep it Pro-exclusive to keep the pro supporters happy and draw freemium users over, as Dynalist at the very least can be a Workflowy Pro replacement on its free plan (and then some).

Oh, very cool! I forgot that I’ve only have problems with this with Google Sheets, etc. That solves that issue.

Ah, it could. I figured that it would be complex as it would consider more variables to track, but if you guys want to put it together, then that’s fine.

I guess I was thinking about personal use, which is probably why I didn’t think about doing so.

Hmm. I guess that if I like edits for certain people (assuming I were to crowdsource and not have any friends who could help me on something), then I could just erase everyone else’s revisions, anonymous ones included, and just keep Bob, Alice, and Joe edit’s. So basically it’s selective edits deletion.

That works, but I was wondering what to do if that monthly quota of 1GB has been surpassed.

Ah, ok. I thought that the URL changes to the Dynalist link. But I don’t know much about how that works. I’ll figure something out. And if anything, I could embed the iframe, and I really don’t care Dynalist is mentioned, as the UI is elegant and minimalist(?), plus more people could then sign up (and hopefully go pro).

Yep, got it. :thumbsup:

For personal use it would only show changes. I’m thinking it would show who edited what if there are multiple people involved. Otherwise it would just be a waste of screen space.

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@Erica What are your thoughts on paying to exceed the quota, as well as this part:

Sorry I missed that.

Regarding paying for quota, I original applied

It’s hard to say how we should charge for this… maybe they can just use the document owner’s quota?

Did you miss that or do you want more thoughts on this?

Regarding the other thing, you original said “Allowing anyone with a link that’s singed into Dynalist to edit the document.” I understood it as you sent out a link, and anyone with access to that link who also have a Dynalist account will be able to contribute. But this is not very different from just allow anyone to edit, because anyone could sign up for Dynalist and edit your document. I think what I’m trying to say is that requiring editors to sign up can’t prevent trolls. Knowing their name doesn’t help much holding them accountable.

If you only want Alice and Joe to edit your file, maybe make the file publicly readable but only give those two permission to edit?

Sorry about that, I was asking what could be done if the 1GB monthly quota was exceeded (other than just uploading the files elsewhere, I guess).

[Deleted and added as a new reply.]

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That would require at least 30 MG of data to be uploaded every single day… That must be a huge project, or the files are really large.

We’re not considering charging for extra quota anytime soon. If anything, we will consider bumping the quota first, maybe to 5 GB per month.

Not sure if that answered your question though :confused:.

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That makes sense and works.

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I edited this out of my comment and then added it again, and it wasn’t responded to - I should have made a new reply instead. Sorry about that. Could you let me know about your thoughts on this as well? (Assuming it wasn’t updated on your end before liking it after reading it.) Thank you so much.

Sorry again, I meant in the rare instance where one is crowdsourcing information or a project and using Dynalist to achieve it, it would be nice to undo the edits of all but the people who have logged in (assuming they can be persuaded to log in before making their edits, and that I could I could tell the difference between two Joe Smiths, etc). So let’s say I need information by people who I don’t know who to reach out to, and post an ad that’s successful and people of all sorts of backgrounds of expertise click on that ad, including trolls, and there are a couple that consistently help, with others who are just destructive, I could undo the edits of the destructive people, before locking the document down to just helped individuals. Of course, that would be difficult to implement in practice, because of how the editing is done and whatnot, and I guess I could vet contributors beforehand. But if I were to provide a frictionless-yet-safe way for strangers to help (thanks to the Google Auth integration), then this is where that feature would help. I think Google Docs has something like it.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is a version control system would help a lot. Because there will be people who simply aren’t trolls and I could let the troll people roam free around the document and whatnot without it actually disrupting progress. Maybe I’m still missing something here. It would obviously need to have what Dynalist doesn’t have right now.

Real time collaboration isn’t part of Dynalist yet, right? It does take some time for changes to show up.

Yes, it takes up to a few seconds. With implementation of web sockets the changes will show up immediately.

(I saw the reply above, just haven’t gotten time to reply to it yet. Just letting you know :slight_smile:)

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Any timeframe on web sockets implementation? I have a team that could really benefit from near real-time time collaboration functionality.


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It’s actually implemented, but we’re only turning it on for ourselves for now for testing purposes.

It’s a really, really big change, as it disables the traditional sync that’s being used right now. If something goes wrong, Dynalist won’t be able to sync at all, which will be a disaster. We also need to estimate how much server load it might bring to prepare for it. We’re being extra careful here, so it might take a month or two before it’s released.

I hope that’s understandable.


Totally understandable. I appreciate the behind the scenes context. I will be patient.