Mentions+subscribing via @NAME

For collaboration it would be great to have this:

  • Ability to give yourself a @NAME in the settings menu
  • When put in title or note area allows:
  • Mentions/Assigning:
    • Being notified once (via mobile app push notification) whenever a new instance of your @NAME appears in a document
    • Multiple people can be designated as “task assignees” due to the flexibility of no native “assignee” area
    • These mentions could be added anywhere - in the title/note top line/note hidden area
  • Subscribing/Following:
    • Whenever a mention is added the target person is not automatically subscribed to receive future notifications, will only receive the one-time notification that a new mention has been made
    • They can however optionally choose to follow/subscribe to the item
    • Whenever new sub items are added, or a progress meter changes, or comments are added, the subscriber receives a notification about this
  • Notifications Pane (left-side above bookmarks):
    • Includes all one-off mentions, as well as ongoing subscription notifications
    • In the future filterable by mentions/subscriptions/by document/colour tag
    • Similar to concept to Asana’s Inbox
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While mentions and notifications like this would indeed be lovely, I would personally want it to be separate from the @ tag system.

That would probably leave us with only “+” then…

@Aaron, we understand this is a basic feature for collaboration, and we’ll get to it when we start tackling collaboration!


Is there time frame on this? Would LOVe to be able to alert people to items needing attention.

Would love to include this once we add more features for teams specifically. No time frame for this but stay tuned!