Similar to the Google Docs feature, this would give an additional sharing access level for people to view and comment, but not edit.

In many cases, I would be more comfortable sharing my lists in this way than allowing others to edit.


I just found out we didn’t add this feature request here. Here’s a link to the Trello card so that people can vote for it:

Thanks for posting this, @Matt_Groth!

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What would ‘comments’ look like? Just editing notes instead of items too?

I think they should look like google docs. Comments there are in their own pane, so the original document is not affected. Perhaps a little indicator somewhere on items that have comments. Also a search feature allowing us to see only items with comments would be awesome.


I’d love if commenting was implemented similarly to Quip:

  1. A collapsible side panel with chat for the whole document
  2. In-line commenting

These two types of comments are very useful for contextual collaboration, so I don’t have to go searching round for whatever the person I’m talking to is referring to.


We weren’t thinking about this one, to be honest. Is Quip the only one that’s doing this?

Nah I’ve seen it on a few:



Google Docs (sort of inbetween a side panel and inline)

Depending on how inline comments is implemented though it could cover the ‘document-wide’ chat panel use. E.g. an inline comment for the document title, and this comment left pane can then be accessed via bookmarks or somewhere prominent in a comment pane.


Thanks for the ideas. I think real-time document “chat” is taking collaboration a bit too far for what we have so far. I think we’ll implement inline comments first and see if that’s necessary.



@Erica Quire does this very well.

Has this been implemented yet? I have a full team of writers that would move to Dynalist in a heartbeat if it had a commenting feature. We now use Google Docs, because we have to be able to collaborate.

Please Add the Comments feature! It’s really relevant to me and my team!