Powerpack 2

List of currently implemented features:
→ Agenda
→ Icons as links in files and bookmarks
→ Embedding IFrames (Youtube, Maps, Dynalist documents, etc.)
→ Separators
→ Text highlighting
→ Code highlighting
→ Sorting
→ Items and notes styling
→ Show X first/last children for marked item
→ Duplicate currently active/selected/edited item(s)
→ Disable cycling through tag suggestions
→ Add / Remove bookmark for currently active/selected/edited item
→ Grab the link of the currently active/selected/edited item
→ Omni Panel
→ Attach bookmarks as filters to corresponding documents
→ Focus Mode & Hide UI
→ Tags styling

New, completely rewritten version, with a couple of new features, but also with breaking changes. Because of that I saved it as another script - if you want to use it then disable the previous version and install new one, if not, then you can use old one as long as it will work. You will need to set again all settings (in popup) if you install new version. There will be no more changes in syntax for those features in the future, unless they stop working by changes in Dynalist itself.

list of all changes since v1: https://dynalist.io/d/OzuUqkYwKBE-g5QOJBFIkVbg#z=8y1qo9qXC9jRRvKed-B2iOoG

installation / update: https://greasyfork.org/scripts/31392-dynalist-powerpack-2

guides and examples: https://dynalist.io/d/OzuUqkYwKBE-g5QOJBFIkVbg


This is mighty! You’ve put so much work into this. :beers:

The focus mode is super elegant. And the text highlighting is very welcome. Amazing.

As with the previous script, I find this one doesn’t always save the settings. I have to re-activate some of the options each time I open Dynalist. Is there a way of saving them more permanently?

Also, ESCAPE no longer clears the search bar. You have to do this manually, which is a pain. Is there a way around this?

My dream is that one day there’s also a panel in Omnifocus which is a list of the calendar items in agenda mode. You’ve awakened such great possibilities.

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Awesome work, well done Piotr!!

I didn’t noticed any problems with that, which options you need to re-activate? These options seems to be active/changed in settings but are not working, or you can’t set them permanently and each time you see default settings?

This script, like the previous one, is not using/hacking esc or search bar functionality in any way :slight_smile: When you disable the script (in tampermonkey extension) esc is working? This would be totally weird :slight_smile:

Let me now about any bugs, I’m using all functions and all is working for me, but it’s still fresh so maybe there are some cases where it’s more buggy

Agenda is on my todo list :+1:

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Well Done :smile:

Hopefully some feature will be in the future :sunrise: n Native iOS App, miss the Powerpack using my iPad

Great to hear about agenda.

Strangely, the Escape key is working now and clears the search bar.

However, I do note that in Focus mode the search bar appears only for one second before disappearing and the cursor returns to the item.

When you use shortcut, yeah, I see that too now, good catch. For now you can click on search icon and search bar is working fine, I’ll look what’s wrong with this shortcut

Has anyone got the powerpack working with tampermonkey + dolphin browser on android??

fixed! https://greasyfork.org/scripts/31392-dynalist-powerpack-2 :slight_smile:

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Piotr after playing around with all of this, it really is wonderfully useful stuff, thank you very much for all your hard work! You should set up a donation page …

Also: agenda pane would be crazy awesome

Also also: I don’t know if you intended it this way but I love that all your functions are tags so we can use them through the drop down menu … very clever!


LOVE focus mode - amazing for giving presentations!!

In future maybe a tag so that a tagged section never loses focus? :slight_smile:

Good idea. How to name that tag? #focus, #visible, … ? maybe simple #f ?

I think those are too likely to be used for other things … maybe (copying your style) #f:yes (and also #f:no allowing an item to be fixed un-focused)

ok, your idea, your tag :wink: https://greasyfork.org/scripts/31392-dynalist-powerpack-2


Hmmm having two major issues with powerpack 2 across two browsers (with both Opera and chrome browse:

1 - Even when I don’t have Omnipanel active, all but four (random as far as I can tell) bookmarks are not visible in the bookmark pane.

(Edit: Below error oddly seems to have stopped - will continue testing and update - but interested if anyone else experiences similar)
2 - When item styling is turned on, after a short time I am unable to go anywhere else in dynalist - I can’t zoom in to bullets, I can’t press the breadcrumb trail and I can’t go to any of my bookmarks. I have done some testing and I’m pretty sure this is limited to the item styling option (I have to refresh to fix this).

this is super awesome @piotr :slight_smile: going to take me awhile to get used to so many new features

really like all the new styling features (child selectors , — seperators above or below, + inline code snippets is super useful)

also the onfocus is awesome :smiley: really like not having to see my bookmark panel +1 thanks for the omnipanel support with file+bookmarks preview all together.

  1. Omni Panel is not doing anything with bookmarks, it’s only to show/hide/reposition existing panes. “Attach bookmarks as filters to corresponding documents” is now separate option and is working with and without omni panel, maybe it’s turned on? Other than that only “Icons as links in files and bookmarks” is doing anything with bookmarks. You can try to deactivate some features to check which one is doing this.

  2. Remember to paste here full tag if this happens again

Piotr on the embed iframe snippets wouldn’t it make sense , that when its disabled you can click URL?

This way you can either have the embeded website (enabled) or just a clickable link (disabled)

Also, I think the seperators for --- was automatically running regardless if it was enabled or not

Also on code snippets is it possible to get `js` as a short term for `javascript`? wouldn’t you use this all the time too? :stuck_out_tongue: Would be really useful when typing inline code snippets

ok, I changed #embed|url to #embed url ## this way it can be parsed as link by DL, and it’s also more consistent with current and future features tag syntax

you can also use both js and javascript


Can you reproduce this? When I disable it, separators are changed to normal text and after page refresh are still not rendered