For those that used 'powerpack 2'

  1. rank the top 10-20% of what is most helpful & useful (that is better, easier than other options & ways of getting to the same end/result/outcome/goal/etc./effect
  1. and what exactly with a good example do each most helpful thing help with?

Sort. The ability to sort alphabetically, date created and so. I use that almost on a daily basis.

It brings order for one.

If one sorts alphabetically, one is aware of where the bullet one is looking for would be, with a system in place, it can be used as another #tag or @.

Ways of getting around would be to copy the whole list to another app, sort and put it all back together, which is time consuming. Or use the powerpack.

  • SORT.
    example: have a list of dated tasks, a tickler file. add a new one at random position, then click the sort command. Now Ctrl-F 2018-03-29. And you see all tasks coming up soon.

  • "Grab the link of the currently active/selected/edited item"
    So much easier than [[ and typing hoping to get the one you need. It’s in the menu, but not in the shortcuts.

  • Embedding
    If DynaList integrated with a file storage system (dropbox, box, gdrive) this would be perfect.

possibly was added

‘sort’ - sort what? the notes? the lines/bullet points? oh looks like someone had said ‘dated todos’

this isnt likely the intended (or designed use) use of dyna, and that’s why features are not currently in dyna

and @Piotr likely has made their processes & flows better at this point tho - with significant changes

someone on a software post had mentioned 3 softwares for different needs, and ‘Agenda’ as one of the uses of dyna but nobody had mentioned it here

not sure if that’s helpful since nobody had mentioned it

I sorted recipes alphabetically.