Open in new tab, sorting, embedding, separators and other "improvements"


Just one small issue @Piotr . I find that the Tampermonkey script doesn’t load when I open up I have to refresh it in order to activate the script each time. I don’t usually have this issue with other scripts. I’ve placed it #1 in order of scripts. Do you know what might be happening?


I know, the script is matched to* instead of* , but I don’t remember why I changed it to do that. There was some issues when it was matched to full domain, I will try to change it again, I’m currently rewriting whole script so maybe it can be handled now.


I have same issue as well, I always have to refresh dynalist too


By the way, we recently refactored “popup” into “modal”, so the DOM has changed. It might have broken your settings popup, just FYI!


I don’t seem to be able to access the settings any more.


settings popup is working again


Woah, that’s quick!


Piotr I can’t get embeds to work works fine though


with default iframe code provided by jsfiddle


I second the WOW for the nested Kanban and cards approach. I’ve seen similar “outliners” but did not leave Workflowy for them, as I have, pretty much, for Dynalist. The energy behind DL and the creative and collaborative thinking towards both a common goal and customized per-user usage is quite encouraging.


@Piotr I wonder if a recent update to Dynalist broke the formatting options in your script. #border and #bg no longer seem to work. It may be something to do with the “:” character.


It’s another consequence of Why tags can’t contain “:” anymore?


Well a lot of folks hope there is a quick-easy fix for this issue. Back to being Cinderella in a plain smock after being all decked out in princess garb. I have hope there is styling on the other side of the : crisis.


Piotr is it possible to have powerpack settings only require “1” minimum on the omniflow panel

I use the “attach bookmarks as filters to corresponding docs” so it makes no sense to have a bookmark panel as well, just “files” only


Not now, maybe in next version, but it’s the most hacky and buggy thing in all this script so don’t expect it to work flawlessly


Piotr I have a feature request that I’d really like

blah blah blah
blah blah blah

on the bulletpoint’s note, also anywhere on the bullet point itself (similar to your Highlight color tag) #hide blah blah blah #/hide

this would be super handy to have for the following reasons:

  • You can write cloze deletion statements similar to anki right inside dynalist
  • Hiding refactored code snippets / versions similar to why you use git to track down changes of code over time / make branches in git

I’m still learning javascript thoroughly before I attempt any tamperscripting, but if you don’t write this I probably will :stuck_out_tongue:


The sort function seems to have stopped working. I had it working up until yesterday.


update for that is now available


Hi, @Piotr ! I’ve installed this script and Greasemonkey shows me this script, when I’m on dynalist site, but I have no settings icon (and, consequently, no functionality of this script). I’m using the latest Firefox; tried to disable Noscript and Adblock, no effect. What I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance!



maybe because of todays big change in Dynalist. Try with this one Powerpack 2 and let me know there if it’s still not working for you :slight_smile: