Multiple windows for the desktop app (Windows)

Just saw that Abram_Demski create a topic for this feature on Mac here.

Just wanted to create the Windows one.

I came from OneNote, and I was really used to open multiple instances/windows at the same time, wen studying or researching.

Feel that Dynalist is faster, but I really miss this way of working.
Anyway, great software. Really smart and “simple”.


when I want that behaviour I use the web version.
its even faster than the desktop app


I find it hard to work on the browser. Too much clutter: the favorites, other tabs…
I can’t get a clean view even if I use only one window per tab.
But I’m using your suggestion to get a better workflow, thank you.

I find it so much easier to swap between windows when working on multiple, often complex content. I’ve worked in tabs, yet alt-tabbing to a new window allows uncompromised focus on that windows content/process.


Here is a work-around I am currently using:
Open your dynalist main document in Chrome(works for other browsers too). In chrome, menu>more tools>Create desktop shortcut with ‘open as window’ enabled.

Go to desktop, copy the shortcut file. Then paste it again and again till you have 4 or 5 copies(as many as you need). Copy them all and paste them in your windows startup folder(win+r and type shell:startup, press enter). Now they launch on startup, you can let them sit in the background. Use them as needed but don’t close them.

The delay in loading dynalist when you open a new browser window/tab(upto 9 seconds for me). Once that’s loaded, you can switch between pages instantly as long as the page stays in memory. This workaround pre-loads several browser windows so you jump in and work on several documents side-by-side without waiting for the contents to load. Better for workflow.

I am using ‘create shortcut-open as window’ so the interface has less distractions and resembles the desktop app instead of chrome.

It does, however clutter up the taskbar a bit.

Another workaround for now: use the Vivaldi browser only for Dynalist, which even allows you to ‘tile’ multiple tabs i.e. split screen - and if you use chrome for everything else, Vivaldi will be clean - you can even remove the UI entirely so it’s nearly wall to wall dynalist.

My general setup is to have the dynalist windows app super squeezed to the right of my screen (I would pin it if windows let me) - everything else e.g. email sits in the remaining area of the screen so I always have 1 dynalist up (I should say I do almost everything in Dynalist including calendar etc so I need it constantly). Alongside that I have Vivaldi running two side by side tabs of Dynalist so I can easily have 3 instances up side by side whenever I want and regularly cut and paste between them etc


sounds like an excellent setup. will try it today.

Check out WinSize2. It may be let you do this.

me too!

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Ooh thanks I’ll check out WinSize2

Yea it works well - it would be a bit fiddly if not for Windows’ excellent window-sizing gestures - when I open a new program I can drag it to the far left and it automatically extends to hug up against my dynalist window - lovely! :slight_smile:

I tried the vivaldi workaround.Really liking it so far. Have improvised a bit. Attaching gif for a demo of what this workaround looks like.


If anyone is interested, you can download vivaldi portable version
and replace ‘User Data’ folder with mine and you will have identical setup to the gif when you launch vivaldi.exe.

My User Data Folder:

P.S: ctrl+F11 removes all Vivaldi UI elements and gives the clean desktop app look.


What exactly is hindering a multiple window solution? The default for Windows applications is to allow multiple instances, and DynaList works with multiple browser tabs, so why is this harder than just allowing more to be opened? Yes I understand interoperability between windows is a challenge but what about just opening more than one?



Seems like something obsidian or others would be good for…

Thank you Stephen. I have tried Vivaldi with horizontal tabs just for using Dynalist and it works great!

I agree it is really frusting.
We have different subjects in our notes and need to be able to navigate quickly in the arborescence.
I have to use a browser with different tabs instead of the app, just to have tabs with different important documents always opend. :frowning: