Multiple windows for the desktop app (Mac)

Desktop app :smiley:

I would like to be able to open multiple Dynalist windows in order to refer to a couple of outlines at once (especially when I’m using multiple screens, say). At present I’d have to do that in the web version if I want to do it.

Mod Edit: What would be better, Windows or Tabs?

  • Windows
  • Tabs
  • Something else (comment below)

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That would be nice indeed!

I’m thinking opening a new window could be as simple as Cmd+Clicking a document title, but is that too hidden/not obvious?


I think the discoverability of this particular shortcut would be difficult, and should be accompanied by a caption in right-click menu or some other means of surfacing the functionality (regularly). If it’s not something I use every day, then good chance that I’ll forget it pretty quickly.

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Opening new windows isn’t a new metaphor. I think a “File” menu with a “New Window” command is super common and should be enough, along with a shortcut like Cmd-N.

In addition, Cmd-Clicking documents/item links to have them open in a new window would be really intuitive and convenient.


good idea, but would prefer tabs to new windows


+1 for tabs instead of windows

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Pushing my luck here, but tabs and a dual tab view ( like in Pathfinder ) would be fabulous. Would make dragging and dropping notes between locations really easy


Dual tab view? Do you mind pasting in a screenshot? Thanks!

not going to be in front of my mac for a few weeks but in the mean time the best screenshot on the web I can find of this is at

Essentially the screen gets split in 2 with each side having its own set of tabs

Being able to split the view for tabs would cover most of my reason for wanting separate windows (and tabs would be nice!), but I also sometimes want Dynalist open on multiple desktops which I’m using to organize different projects. Sooo… maybe both tabs and windows?

+1 for windows.

Multiple windows are a must for me, because I often need to refer to one document while editing another.

In the meantime, I’m using Fluid for Mac to implement a desktop client for Dynalist in lieu of the official Mac app. Fluid basically compiles a Mac app wrapper for any website. It supports multiple windows and tabs right out of the box.

Seems the official Mac app works pretty much the same way (a native wrapper around a webview), so this doesn’t seem to compromise on any other functionality.

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Can you open it when you are offline? You can do that with official app. Otherwise it is the same as using different browser only for DL - Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi are using the same engine, and with all additional capabilities of Vivaldi (split screen, websites in panels, etc) it might be even better for your use case:

btw, you can toggle visibility of webpanel with shortcut, I don’t know why they didn’t mention that

split screen (it can show more than 2 websites):

No, the Fluid version wont load or sync correctly while offline, so that’s a drawback. But personally, I need multiple tabs and windows far more frequently than I need offline support, so it’s still a net win for me.

It’s similar to using a different browser, dedicated to a single website, yes.

I prefer to use native windows implemented by the OS than split screen panels implemented in the application, because I have global hot keys configured to let me do all kinds of nifty window management across applications. Much faster and more convenient to have consistent behaviour across apps than for apps to implement their own window emulation that forces me to learn different hotkeys for one specific app.

That’s fine.
To other users - you can have the same and more with Vivaldi when you want that functionality only for one website. UI is completely configurable, shortcuts included, you can have it look like native DL app and in the same time you have access to all Chrome extensions if you want, and you can always toggle visibility of address bar / tabs with shortcut and use it like a normal browser when it’s needed.

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Tabs + Multiple windows!


Does the Fluid app work when you open your computer without internet though? Our app keeps a copy of data locally so you can work anywhere. You don’t need that initial internet connection. Maybe Fluid is the same?

Hmmm they sound like they overlap a bit…

It could be useful if one uses a separate window for a folder/project, and tabs within each window for their respective documents. I do that on sublime text!

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How about both? I like tabs too but sometimes I need to see 2 lists side by side. Things has this and a number of other apps. Simple as new > new window