Dynalist Allstar (Chrome Extension) - call to developer

I was hoping to get in touch with the developer of Dynalist Allstar and before contacting through his email on the Chrome Web Store, I thought I’d reach out here on the forum.

This is the extension I would love to see. Currently, at least for me, it loads and produces 2 panes, but the right pane never displays anything.

The reason I am reaching out, is to offer my help, such as it is, with addressing the current issue I alluded to above. If you have moved on to other things or don’t have time anymore/at the moment perhaps I can contribute to your repo? Anything really, including just offering to help test the extension.

Split panes with a separate document (or the same document for that matter) would be an amazing boost for my workflow. PowerPack 3 had this feature and it was/is amazing but I ran into resource issues.

Anyway, if you are interested, kind developer, please get in touch


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I believe you’re looking for @jerrygoyal?

Thanks, Erica

I’ve messaged Jerry

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Hi, due to work overload I am afraid I can’t contribute to the development of Dynalist Allstar extension. The repo is open source https://github.com/JerryGoyal/Dynalist-Allstar-chrome-extension so pleae feel free to fork or raise a PR if you make any changes to this and I’ll make sure that I update it to the chrome webstore so that others can also use it


Thanks Jerry. I feel that particular pain as well, but Dynalist in side-by-side panes would offset that, for me at least. Good luck with your work!

Hoping to dive in with this soon.

Hello, Fraser. Did you manage to solve this issue with nothing displayed in the second pane? Also, could you please share your experience with PP3 in regard of the same feature?

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While not the exact thing as what this extension does, a very similar setup involves Vivaldi and multiple panes. Linking this here for anyone who may benefit from it: Multiple windows for the desktop app (Windows)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend the time I wanted to on this. As for PP3, I found it was too much to deal with and quite slow. So I didn’t keep up with it.

#open source

Open source. All the code can be put into dynalist to make it even more more better! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY