Let me open documents in new tab with ctrl+click or some other hotkey


Problem: You can’t efficiently open a document from the document list in a new tab

Solution: Allow me to ctrl+click it just like every other link in the world (or if you are reserving that shortcut, let me middle mouse or ctrl+shift+click or whatever)


Dynalist is amazing in many ways, but power users like myself need multiple instances of dynalist open in order to work with different documents and pieces of their outlines at once.

The way it works now, if I want to keep my current outline open AND open one of my other outlines in a new tab I have to do multiple clicks.

Usually this means ctrl+clicking on a breadcrumb of my current document, waiting for the new instance of dynalist to open in a new tab, going to the tab, then navigating to the desired document.

This doesn’t work though if my current outline is at the home level and no breadcrumbs are visible. In this instance I need to generate a new tab, type in dynalist (or click a bookmark) and then navigate to desired document.

When I’m just trying to open one other document, this is annoying but not that big of a deal. But if I’m trying to open multiple documents, it’s super freaking annoying.

Please just let me ctrl+click whatever documents I want open and have them appear as new tabs. This would be a significant quality of life improvement with hopefully an extremely simple implementation.

Simply adding a right click menu option would be an improvement, but it would still make opening multiple documents annoying.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding this!

In the meantime, you can check out Powerpack on the forum. You might accidentally discover more juicy features! :wink:

@Mark_Queppet: added in the latest version of the web app. Could you please verify?

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Works fantastic - thank you so much! You guys continue to impress :+1:

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Thanks for the confirmation! :pray:

I need to open many lists and work on those simultaneously.
It says implemented, but I can’t open a list like I open a note on Evernote or Notes by Apple.
I’m using the mac os app.

New tab means in the browser. Right?

I use the macos app.
A workaround to work on 2 different lists at the same time is open the app AND the browser with dynalist.io

I think you’re referring to this feature request instead: Multiple windows for the desktop app (Windows)

The feature discussed here is for the web app, and it has been implemented. Thanks for understanding!

Sure, that’s the feature I need, but for macos app:

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Ctrl+Click to open in new tab works for Documents. Can we have the same for list links? Currently list links open in the same tab, even with Ctrl.