Tag structure for Dynalist (GTD , Zettelkasten and SecondBrain )


I have experimented lately with a better tag structure for Dynalist that both incorporates GTD (Getting things done) and Second brain or Zettelkasten(Personal CRM, Personal wiki, Thought incubator). I think these techniques will be useful to anyone who don’t want their tags to devolve into a mess.

For GTD I like to make clearly defined edges and I want my tasks not to get lost among my other tags. I also find that using the tags inline as verbs works better for my brain.

  • “#!Draft proposal to X”
  • is better than:
  • “Write proposal to X #Draft

For Secondbrain/Zettelkasten/personal wiki I like to do it like this:

Ideas: #Any_Theme_You_Like
People: @&email@adress.com
Company: @$Company_Name

See an updated example dynalist file for how the tags are set up here:

Feel free suggest what you would do to improve on this setup. Or just to ask why in the world I would do such a thing.


This is really great, thanks for sharing! I’ve been diving into Zettelkasten and was struggling with how to sort out my tags. This is a great jumping off point for me, but I was wondering how you tag more personal plans and events? How would you tag a birthday party or your parents’ anniversary?