Special Character (!) no longer supported in tags on Desktop


I have noticed that some of my tags are breaking on desktop. I think this is related to another issue:

Expected Behaviour
I expect that typing #!!! will create a tag with #!!!, allowing me to select and filter on all items with this tag.

Actual Result
This created a tag of # !!!, with the exclamation points ignored.
No impact observed on mobile (iOS) apps, which respect the ! as part of the tag.

Impact: Low
This is a breaking change for me but I can (with some difficulty) change my tagging set up. Can you help understand if symbols at the start of tags were intentionally deprecated? Ideally this can be rolled back as I am used to using #!, #!! and #!!! for priority tagging and sorting.

Apologies for this breaking change. Tags were originally not intended to include punctuation, it was a long time bug that we recently fixed. (Mostly talking about #hashtag in general, especially used on twitter) Tags don’t include punctuation in almost every other app, which is why we’re fixing this bug. Here are links to some previous bug reports:

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Oh and this hasn’t been deployed to the mobile app yet, but it will be soon.

Hey Shida, thanks for the update (sorry about late reply). Even though this broke a previous setup it wasn’t onerous to reorganise how I was doing things.

PS I really appreciate the added context you and Erica always add to these changes, makes the experience of working with the app so much more pleasurable. Keep up the excellent work.

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