Dot in tags no longer working

I used dots inside of my tags, for example:

  • #project.t
  • #project.r

Etc. Since today, this is no longer working. I didn’t find anything in the changelog about this.

Did this behavior change? I guess I’ll have to switch to another symbol like #project-r or #project-r


I used colon ( : ) inside of my tags.
for example:

This is also no longer working.
Is there any changelog about this ?

Please see these two bugs:

@Rene_Molenaar @ichikawa: please use the search & replace option to replace the old tags, really sorry for the inconveniences! You can use - (dash) or _ (underscore). Parentheses () also work.

Thanks, I replaced my dots with dashes. Might be nice to include this in the changelog :slight_smile:

Man this caused me some headaches. But my new set-up actually improved as a result. So
all in all a plus.

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Yes! Will definitely include in June’s changelog. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I noticed that I can’t use colon ( : ) inside of my tags on web browser but I can use it on Dynalist app on iOS / Android and Desktop Dynalist.

Why does this happen ?
Just for no updating ?

I agree that “Talk to @bob. Tell him where to go.” should not include the . in the tag. But “Register” would be nice to include the punctuation. Also would be nice to have #x/y do tag groups where x is a group, and y a subtag of x.


Ugh, I just realized one other major downside of this fix, PowerPack coloring is broken. So a bottom red border “#s|i|bb:tomato” is now rendered as:


This is another strong argument that maybe only trailing punctuation should’ve been ignored after all. I don’t think this is an easy fix with PowerPack syntax for stacking on attributes.

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I also use #topic.subtopic. mine appear to still be working for now. It seems you are reporting this issue on 9 June 2020. Is it still an issue?

That’s interesting…mine also work again. Was this rolled back?

Yeah me too only trailing punctuation don’t get treated as part of the tag.

Any insight @Erica ?

@Kenneth_Aar @Rene_Molenaar: we relaxed the limitation so that as long as the tag is not in the form of "#tag. " (note the same), it will work. So if you have a character after the dot, the tags will continue working.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks @Erica.

Now I have to think whether I’ll replace my dashes back to dots in the tags :thinking::grin:

I feel you brain-pain, brother.
I mean, brain.pain.