Sharing extension for iOS and Android

So that you can send a block of text or a URL to your Dynalist inbox.

If you’re interested in this, please leave a comment and tell us about your use case!


This is one reason why I still keep Todoist. I share a link with Todoist usually when looking at a website on the tablet that I need to follow up on the desktop.

While I’m moving away from Evernote as well, I still find that I need it for storing highlights from articles I read on Instapaper. But I would love to find alternatives to this, as the development for Instapaper has been frozen since they were acquired by Pinterest and it no longer works with IFTT to append highlights to a single note.


After having tried the iOS app, I think I would switch to this functionality if available - it’d be much easier if I typed everything out from another app, bullet format or not, and send it over to Dynalist, instead of trying to work around the finicky UI of the iOS app.



Yes, this is functionality that I would use.
One of the first times I installed the Android app, I highlighted a URL and tried to share it to the Android app. I was surprised that Dynalist was not an available option from the Sharing menu. It would be great to have the option to share a selected item to the Dynalist app. What do I do currently? I use Google Keep as the place to copy the shared object, and then do a further copy when I get to my desktop/laptop computer into Dynalist via the browser. I would use this functionality and eliminate Google Keep (or any other share location) as the intermediary to achieving what I want with Dynalist.


Regarding iOS. I feel like the most essential thing for any iOS productivity app now is its ability to interact with other apps via the native share sheet and application extensions. Being able to send text a specific location would be a great start. A very basic example would be the ability to send a URL from Safari to a Dynalist document. Ideally Dynalist would have access to the share sheet from within its own documents too, so sharing would be both inbound and outbound. I am a heavy user of Ulysses for example, and currently I am collaborating on a project by using Dynalist as an intermediary. If I could simply share text from our Dynalist document with a Ulysses sheet, that would be amazing. The fact that Dynalist also has Markdown baked in would make workflows like this incredibly useful. Airmail is another app the immediately springs to mind, they integrate with pretty much any productivity app you can think off, Dynalist would do well to be part of that.

The other thing I would love to see is some support for some iOS automation. A custom URL scheme would allow power users to write actions for Drafts or Workflow, x-callback-url commands would allow those actions to be chained together. Examples of productivity apps that have done this really well are 2Do and Omnifocus, and recently DEVONthink 2 Go has had a great scheme added. This would add a real unique selling point for iOS users, a growing number of whom are using the iPad as a primary device.

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Yes. This is the feature I really want to be integrated in the dynalist. Not only for the smart phone app but also for the chrome extension.
When I want to save the link of site in the chrome browser, the chrome extension that saves the current web link into dynalist is really usefull.
I wish you are considering this feature in next update.


For now, you can try rawbytz’s Chrome extension: Clip To Dynalist Chrome Extension It should do what you want.

this would be awesome

I use GoogleKeep still because of how fast i can add information to its widget

Dynalist Android App loads kind of slow

Ideally, I’d like the following use cases for android app

  • A slower loading app that loads all my docs so I can show people some notes I have. Doesn’t matter how long it takes because I’m going be having a lengthy conversation anyhow
  • A super fast loading way without loading any docs to dump information in an inbox. This is when I get lots of sporadic ideas at random times throughout the day so I can just dump it somewhere.

in fact if you made two seperate apps for this this would be OK for me (a featureful slow app to add notes) and another just for inboxing random notes very quickly without loading any docs, or made it into a widget for the app, etc works as well

Or just have the ability to use an email address like evernote does works too


When I got the Android app I thought sharing to my Dynalist inbox would be available through the share menu but was surprised to find it not there.

I’ve got the standard usecase, adding text or URLs to Dynalist. Currently right now I have to instead copy it to clipboard, open the app and then paste it in which is a hassle.

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Thanks for the input Aaron! Working on it :slight_smile:

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I think this forum is being spammed. But I would still like the Android sharing to work properly.

When I select share on iOS I actually have to confirm it twice. Would be better if Dynalist wouldn’t ask me to press ok a second time.


Should be fixed in 1.3.6 now. Cheers!