Clip To Dynalist Chrome Extension

This is a port of Clip To WorkFlowy. I converted the link format to markdown. If anyone wants a url-in-the-note version, I can upload a special copy as an unlisted url in the Chrome Web Store.


PS: the “auto-go-to-Dynalist” feature requires Chrome’s “tabs” permission which will trigger the ominous “Read your browsing history” warning. The extension simply queries your existing tabs, looking for Dynalist. It records nothing, and I really, really have no desire to know your surfing habits :slight_smile:

Clip To Dynalist - Chrome Web Store (Markdown version)

Edit 2017/05/04

Here’s the Link-in-the-note version. This is a quick a dirty solution… basically a modified copy of the Markdown version above. It is “unlisted”; anyone with the url can install, but it won’t show up in a Web Store search.

At some point… someday, maybe… I’ll merge the two with this note clipper available as a 3rd keyboard shortcut. If you do run both, you’ll only need to define the “Toggle Last Tab” shortcut once.

Clip To Dynalist Note - Chrome Web Store (Link in the note version)


@rawbytz This works exactly as advertised. Thanks for making this port of the original Clip To Workflowy extension.


Agreed. Works for me as well. Much appreciated @rawbytz! I’d be interested in the url-in-the-note version too, if it materializes… :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot and welcome, @rawbytz!

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Brilliant! Yes, I’d be interested in the URL in the note version. Thanks.

Question for @Mark_Gammon & @Kevin_Murray:

Is your use case in-the-note only OR will you use both formats?

Hey @rawbytz - I think my needs are probably met just fine by either, but having the option for both would be great for various uses.

Thanks again for your work on this!


Thanks so much for this rawbytz!

I’d also love the option for a URL in note version like the workflowy variant too :slight_smile:

In the note only for me, thanks. I haven’t become so accustomed to markdown yet and I like to see the URL.

Rawbytz is it possible down the road to have “Chrome Extension Options” to add your own formatted text in the pasted strings?

I like to timestamp a lot of my weblink citations, out of pure habit, so I can instantly see when I visited the site (as websites change all the time). So I don’t also have to look at the bulletpoints creation date either.

I take a lot of inspiration for how-to-citate something based on how wikipedia does their citations

When I timestamp things, I generally use the “!” operator using a phraseexpress command “e#” , which produces

!(5/4/2017 08:50) this date

Reference to my phraseexpress command:

Personally, this is how I generally do my citations:

I intend to add some options and selected text to the ClipTo’s, so this is feasible. Right now my focus is elsewhere… tbh, I don’t know when… or if I’ll get to time-stamps.

I think you have a solution to this right now in Phrase Express. Why not just setup a macro that pastes the ClipTo string, sends Shft+Enter to get focus in the note, and then sends your time-stamp?

btw, the original post has been edited to include a link to the new “note” version.


Awesome. Thanks again @rawbytz

hm i didn’t think about this but yea i could

thanks @rawbytz :slight_smile:

Thanks @rawbytz. While you’re there, one useful feature of the Workflowy Clipper is that it will copy any selected text that paste that into the note. I find that quite useful for clipping text content and it’s one feature that seems missing in Dynalist. I know it’s not your extension, but I wonder if the code for that would be relatively simple.

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Chrome has some requirements to prevent cross-scripting exploits… good for you, bad for me. In this case, it means restructuring the extension. It’s not a huge deal, but what free time I have is dedicated to a bigger project right now. When that’s done the clippers are next. Sorry.

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Thanks for contributing @rawbytz :slight_smile:

Works great, thanks.

One wish: Could the extension be extended to support clipping of multiple selected Chrome tabs and copy/insert each ‘tab’ as a separate line?

Oooh, I really like that idea. I think it can be implemented relatively easily in the current structure. Multiple selected tabs is on the list, Wilhelm.

If you have Keyboard Maestro and Chrome and extension Copy URL + this recipe works to copy URL and Title, switch to DL (in tab#1), move to the top of the current list, PASTE, and move down to a new line.

NOTE: Copy URL + is customizable. I have mine set to use 9 to copy URL and TITLE.


  • Triggered by any of the following:
  • The exact case string ‘9j’ is typed (then deleted)
  • Will execute the following actions:
  • Select Google Chrome Tab ‘1’
  • Notify on failure.
  • Pause for .2 Seconds
  • Notify on failure.
  • Type the ⌘Home Keystroke
  • Type the Return Keystroke
  • Type the ⌘V Keystroke
  • Type the Return Keystroke

rawbytz i found another really good copy to URL extension for customization options

for multicopying several URLs

I might just use this since I don’t need the OPML formatting for note or move to dynalist tab now that I have a 3rd monitor (or possibly modify my own version too)

Of those two I would say “TABCOPY” is more powerful, as it gives 3 potential premade templates for you to copy from. Copy All URLs is only one format. TABCOPY also has easier to understand customization options

I could probably modify it if I wanted to do the getAll / search for open dynalist tabs / on-focus as well, but I don’t think I need it

I’m starting to incorporate more chrome shortcuts in my routine such as ALT+D to immediately get to the addressbar for faster searching / navigation

Down the road I might adopt some chrome vimium style workflows so I can do things even faster

down the road I might consider going to invest in a 2ndary macro keyboard (but with less keys than one below). I already bound most of my CTRL+SHIFT+ALT modifier keys to my keyboard