Promote list to "sorted list" and sort by colors or alphabetical order

I saw this feature request in trello, under “Other features and candidates” with 16 votes

I would like this feature for everything I outlined here:

Basically, I propose the following:

  1. Under list options, have a place to promote a “list” to a “sorted list”
  2. Have different options for sorting. Sort by color, sort by alphabetical order , descending or ascending order
  3. Have some sort of identifer that indicates the tag is a “sorted list” and be able to quickly search through which ones were promtoed to “sorted list”

Whenever a new item is added as a bulletpoint in that “sorted list”, automatically apply sorting rules.

This would be really nice, if you have large wikis, and need to sort things in alphabetical order, or if you have a one list where you are applying different colors to prioritize which tasks need to be done.

Especially for sorting by colors, this would be something I would use everyday, since my task-management list is always constantly being updated all the time. Right now I have to adjust everything manually and move them to the right place (high priority tag colors like red sit near the top of the list, etc)

Ideally I would like to be able to specify which colors to prioritize as well near the top of the sorted list


Not sure why this isn’t higher up in the votes. I have a long list of my favorite websites (with tags for categroies) I like to keep track of. The list is too long now. When adding a new entry, my options are:

  1. Add a new one out of order.

  2. Take the time to find the right place. (This option takes me back to using a dictionary, having to figure out if Architizer, Archdaily, Archinect, or Architect Magazine should come first.)

I also notice that I add a lot of duplicates, because I can’t recall if I added them. If it was sorted alphabetically, I would be able to see much quicker that I added two entries.

Have you looked at the Powerpack from @Piotr. It has extensive sorting options.

ya piotr’s powerpack is awesome it has so many features and will take a awhile to learn