Sort by color label

Now that sorting has been implemented, see Sorting Announcement, I would like to propose a feature for some refinements.

I would like to sort my lists by colour label. The colours are already numbered 1 through 6 plus no colour. The labels can be used as the order for ascending and descending, and personally I would always put no colour at the end of the list.

Within each colour, i.e.: all items with the same colour label, I don’t really care about the order (for me colours are a priority indicator) but it could simply be by date created or by the previously applied sort order.




Yes I would second this, the main thing I want to sort personally

Sort by colour? Yes please would be very useful.

I agree, this feature would be great. Especially if it had a configurable auto-sorting feature mentioned in one of the original posts you referenced. And especially if we had the ability to specify the order that the colors are sorted into. (I think most of us would prefer to have them sorted in our own custom order since different colors mean different things for each person.)

I thought Pro users could choose their own colours, but I can’t figure out how to do that. Was I dreaming (in technicolour?!) or was that never a thing?

Pro users can use CSS to modify the color of color labels with something like this (changing the purple color to red):

background-color: red;

However, I don’t think that’s ideal since people have already built up tons of notes with one highlighting scheme in mind, and their desired color sorting sequence is unlikely to line up with the arbitrary numbers associated with each color label. Even though I can change the colors, I wouldn’t want to because that would alter the meaning of what I have previously highlighted. Does that make sense?

Good afternoon

@Erica was just wondering if there was any decision about this feature request, and if it’s going to implemented if you could share when you expect it to be available?

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