Powerpack 2


Nothing, I wrote about changes between first and second version of PP here https://dynalist.io/d/OzuUqkYwKBE-g5QOJBFIkVbg#z=8y1qo9qXC9jRRvKed-B2iOoG


Sorry, missed that but have page linked to DL where I can find it.

I guess I thought all changes were internal code not requiring any changes from a user. Wrong!

I have homework! And you are one busy guy–and wow, thanks for your efforts. Makes me even more glad I found DL a few months back and took a gamble it would some day replace WF.


Piotr on the highlight.js code snippets thing (last response I made above)

I noticed that only `css` has problems with rendering all items on the same line

`javascript` , `xml` don’t have these problems though, or any other thing like `vbnet` or `shell`

any idea on how to fix this?


use spaces instead of tab, it should be fine then
or use this css in stylish
.hljs { display: block; }


The spaces instead of tabs is what I’ll be using from then on. The display:block is kind of too long and distracting

By the way, is there a way to make the railcasts theme a little lighter with `css` on highlight.js with CSS?

e.g. this

I wish it were more like a neon-red or monokai sublime red


look what class is making that color and overwrite this in stylish


thanks didn’t realize it was so easy :slight_smile:

.hljs-selector-tag {
	color: 	#FF355E; /* Radical Red */

.hljs-selector-class {
    color: #FFEBCD; /* blanchedalmond */





Agenda is ready. You can use it also in omnipanel. I don’t have time now to write better documentation, so only some basics https://dynalist.io/d/OzuUqkYwKBE-g5QOJBFIkVbg#z=UKqQQetTvyRwC9Pa5bpK_Jhy maybe you can figure that out by yourself

click on image for full view

This is my last contribution to PP in foreseeable future. If something gets broken after change in DL, you can expect fix, but unfortunately I don’t have time for writing new features.



This is so promising, thanks for putting all the time into this.

I can’t seem to get anything to appear the Agenda pane. I have set up two filters and refreshed the tab, but it is still blank.

What is necessary for a filter setting to work?

  • filter

  • document URL

  • archive URL

  • sort option

Could you (or someone else) share a settings screen for an Agenda that has worked?

Thank you. :cherries:


Same with @Kevin_Murray. I’m not able to get anything to appear in the Agenda pane. Anyone having luck with this?

Thanks for all the work on this @Piotr!


You can create new document, paste there couple of things you want to appear in agenda in the style of your original document or write some fake data, share this one document and give me link, here or in PM, I’ll give you settings, this will be quicker for me then describing it. Everyone is using different workflows and styles, I can give you my settings (below), but it’s probably not what you are using in your documents :slight_smile: Writing description for those things is really the worst part of all of this :scream:

my document, the first two items for today are checked

I want to see in agenda items grouped by date, but only unchecked items - settings for that:

result - only unchecked items for each day


let’s say you want from this zoom items with #todo OR items with color 1 or 2 (red and orange)



if you have item that has tag #todo in content and has red color, it will also show in agenda
filter groups means - at least one of those must be matched


Very useful @piotr. Well done.


I updated it to 2.2.5, you can now use english phrases for dates in these filters:
has date
has date after
has date before

You can mix filters to list items with some date range, use two (or more) filters in one filter group, for example:
itemhas date aftersunday
itemhas date beforenext monday

Those phrases are dynamically computed as actual date with each agenda refresh (so for example now will always be current date and time), not when you save settings. If you want specific, static date in the filter, provide there specific date (2017-08-20, etc)

Some examples:
next week
last year
the 15th
next Tuesday
3pm Wednesday
in 30 minutes
in half a year
five years ago
yesterday at 4pm
half an hour ago
an hour from now
6:30pm in three days
the 4th of July
next week Thursday
the end of February
two weeks from today
the end of next week
next Saturday at 10am
the first day of 2013
four days after Monday
March 15th of last year
two days after tomorrow
the last day of February
Sunday, January 15th 2012
the beginning of this month
the 2nd Tuesday of November
22 August
April 2012
June 3rd, 2005
1 Dec. 2016
08-25-1978 11:42:32.488am
Wed, 03 Jul 2008 08:00:00 EST

You can experiment with these phrases here https://sugarjs.com/dates/#/Parsing click on one of those provided or write your own in the input to see how powerpack will understand your input.
For example you might think that this week will give you last monday, but instead it understands it as current datetime. the beginning of this week will give you last sunday. If you want last monday use monday or last monday.


This is incredible, well done piotr! Yes take a break, you deserve it!! :slight_smile:


It’s going to take a while to work through the amazing capacity of Agenda in the last Powerpack by @Piotr.

Here is what I set for due items:

You also need to include the document URLs below that.

It produces a neat list which you can check off or archive directly.

At this stage, the markdown code is not rendered and clicking it will lead to the document rather than the specific item. Maybe that can be refined some time in the future.

Thanks @Piotr - and Dynalist for creating a platform that invites this investment of energy and skill. It’s a remarkable thing.


It’s not rendered but after click you should be redirected to this item, no matter if item was in currently loaded document, or it needs to first load this document. Cursor should appear at the beggining of this item. If that’s not working try to click it second time. But it’s definitely working in my browsers, firefox and chrome, after first click, no idea why this is not working for you :open_mouth:


The Agenda functionality is just awesome. Thanks @Piotr

Here are the agenda views that I have created.

A view of today’s actions

A view of this week’s actions

A view of overdue activities

A view of next week’s activities

A view of next month’s activities

Since I have created the agenda views, I have removed some bookmarks that search for these kinds of activities.

This is what my Agenda listing looks like in the Omnipanel.

I can quickly move between my lists to work through my activities.

This is a nice kick in the right direction for my productivity workflow.

Thanks again @Piotr




I don’t remember if this is in ‘documentation’ - you can also ctrl+click on views in that list to see more than one view, if you wish. And drag&drop items (by hamburger icon on the left) to change their order.


Great stuff. I’m building out several similar views for action items, dates, and highlighted items.

My thanks as well @Piotr