Moving a node to a new document breaks incoming links

Steps to reproduce

(Some steps are optional and can be skipped.)

  1. In a document, create a node (a list item) called foobar.
  2. At the node context menu, Get link to copy a link to this specific node.
  3. Either in the same document or in any other document, create a new node, and paste the link. Let’s call this new node linkylink.
  4. Now we have linkylink pointing to foobar. Both forward link and reverse links work fine.
  5. (skippable) Now move foobar to become a child of any other node. The links still work fine, as expected.
  6. (skippable) Now move foobar to become a child of a node from a different document. (Either by drag-and-dropping, or by Move to item from the context menu.) Everything still works fine, the links are correctly updated to point to the location in a different document.
  7. Now move foobar to become a new document on its own.

Expected result

The links to foobar should still work, like they still do in steps 5 and 6. From the user’s point-of-view, step 7 is not much different than step 6.

Actual result

The link breaks. Any links to foobar become outdated and point to an invalid node. This behavior is surprising because steps 5 and 6 work fine. It’s probably a corner-case that was missed while coding this feature.


The behavior for links pointing to the inside of the foobar subtree (i.e. links to foobar descendants) was not tested. That’s something that should be explored and taken care of when fixing this bug.


(None of this matters, the issue is certainly server-side anyway.)

Which operating system are you using? GNU/Linux.
Which browser are you using? Google Chrome.
If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist? Web version.
Are you using any third-party scripts for Dynalist, e.g. PowerPack? Nothing. Just the vanilla experience.

Additional information

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