Moving item to new document then undoing does not remove item from new document

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create item “foo” under document A.
  2. Move “foo” to document B using the Move dialog.
  3. Ctrl-z (undo).

Expected result

“foo” reappears in document A and is no longer in document B.

Actual result

“foo” reappears in document A, but it is also present in document B (the item is effectively duplicated).


Windows 10, Chrome.

Yeah this is currently by design. Documents have each their own undo stack, and actions that involves multiple documents don’t attempt to undo actions in other documents because there’s a fair amount of complications in doing that.

On top of that, I’d recommend dragging the items back instead of using undo because it will properly update links across other documents.

I get the desire to not undo changes in other documents, but the fact that the item reappears but the previous links don’t revert (even within the same document) feels unintuitive. If undo can’t cleanly revert moves maybe it’s preferable to just remove it from the undo history?

Also, I didn’t realize previously that moves manipulate dynalist links. I copy a lot of dynalist links into other sources like gcal and they break across moves, but I didn’t realize that’s a non-issue at least within dynalist (very cool!). It would be nice to have external links redirect after moves, but that seems difficult given the document is encoded in the URL (also that would be an even bigger nightmare on move revert…).