Display "Incoming links" or allow "extract as document"

I am a heavy user of the “item link feature”, i.e. use it to cross-link between documents and document trees.

Feature Request
Sometimes I decide to split a document into smaller documents or merge a smaller document into a bigger one. In order to avoid breaking links due to the new document id (afaik, the item links are based on the unique id of the hosting document), it would be great if dynalist would provide features to either 1) display incoming links to a certain item or sub-items and/or 2) support extracting/merging an item tree into a new/different document where the incoming links are automatically adapted to the new hosting document. Can you add such a feature to your backlog?


I’ve requested similar over the last couple of years. Doesn’t seem likely.

I second that!

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I would love better link support too. By habit I move nodes around using cut and paste, which breaks any links pointing to those nodes. :frowning:

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Another one of the reasons I force myself to adapt to 1 universal document. Too many features lost when you cross the boundary.

That is why I mostly use tags. I still use linking, but only for short term stuff (projects). Tags are also more future proof if in the future something should happen to Dynalist(knock on wood, hope that never happens) and I need to move all my data. It also solves the problems that arise with cut and paste. But the live updating is a really cool feature so if internal linking were to become more robust I would be all for it.

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My use case is primarily for journaling: I have individual documents for most of my projects (“project” in the sense of GTD) where I store my notes around that project (including short journaling notes, usually strucured by day).
I also have a cental journal where I make my notes of my primary activities, again per day. For things I did in the scope of a project, I create the notes in the project’s document and reference it in the cental journal. This works very well and I wouldn’t know how to replace it with tagging.

It hits me that this could be fixed manually because you have the text and and search for it in those cases when the link breaks. Ideally Dynalist would do this for us, but there is at least a manual way around.