Links to node break if the node is moved to another doc

I want a node to be accessible via a link from different places within my Dynalist account. So I copy the link using the Copy current item link feature and paste into the different places. It all works fine as long as the source node doesn’t move. But if I move it, clicking the link leads me to the original place were the node was located before the move, not the new destination.

That’s unfortunately the way things are right now - If you move a node within the same document, its ID will keep working for links, but if you move it to a different document, any links previously created will point to the old document and old node ID (which no longer exists in that document).

Internally we’re tracking a feature request for automatically “fixing” links when moving items across files. Hopefully once that’s out, you won’t find broken links anymore.

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Link to feature request: Display "Incoming links" or allow "extract as document"