iOS beta app thread


Got it. Thanks @Erica!


Can I participate too?


Can I get a beta invitation, too? Thanks.


@Jae @1115, sent!

@Jae: sorry for not seeing your request earlier… :frowning:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Can I get a beta invitation too, please? Thank you.


I’d to join the test too, please!
Gotta test it with my iPad Pro + Apple Keyboard combination. :slight_smile:


Erica - Hi. If you’re still adding beta testers, I would love to test the iOS app




I think so, as long as you have TestFlight. I think we’ve successfully invited user in China, Japan, and Korea.

By the way, please try to write English in the forum, even if you write incorrect English or use Google Translate. That way others can get a rough meaning of what you’re talking about and potentially help you out.


@Ruslan_Gordeev: already invited you! :slight_smile:

@Teekatas, @Tom_Callaghan: invite sent!


@Erica Any news in respect to the problem that global searches does not work for me in the latest iOS beta? Search in a document works as expected. Global search just gives me the spinning sign for that part of eternity I am willing to spend waiting :wink:

Does not work when searching for words or using something like “until:3d”


We got some information, but still can’t 100% reproduce the issue. It seems to be related to seeing the “No document is open” screen after switching out and into the app. Do you experience that as well?


Yes, I do on two iPhones


I user had a guess that one of the document is not properly loaded, and that cause global search to not function because a document is basically missing. That’s the best theory I can think of right now.

The biggest challenge is still that we can’t reliably reproduce this problem. Quickly switching to the home screen right after loading the app seems to work sometimes, but not always.


Could be. At the moment global search works on my phone but not on wife´s phone.


If you still need some testers please sign me up - using iphone 6s plus (soon 7) and iPad pro 12.9 - thanks! :slight_smile:


As an idea, why not making some shortcuts for those keys which work, would help maybe at least with external keyboards

It’s basically that Apple handles basic keys like Tab, Up, Down, and does not let Dynalist know about it. We need to write some native code to make those shortcuts come through.


All the other shortcuts still work, e.g. Ctrl+Shift+M.

Keys like Up, Down, Left, Right, and Tab are handled by the system and never reach us.

Not sure I understood what you mean? Are you suggesting we make new shortcuts?


Yes, new shortcuts. For example for Tab a shortcut like CMD-T , or if that works CMD-Tab