iOS beta app thread


I appreciate the help, but I don’t think it’d work well. You shouldn’t have to remember which environment you’re in (“oh I’m on iPad Pro now, better use Cmd-Tab”). And these are such common used shortcuts, we don’t want users to feel like they’re switching between Windows and Mac every time they switch between mobile and web.

I mean I think there ways to do it by working with the native layer, it just takes more time. In the meantime, we’d rather not have users getting used to an alternative only to change their habit again when we fix this.


You’re right. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the understanding! :slight_smile:


I’m also getting the “no document selected” error when I reopen the app after a while.

Or as I thought was happening: the app doesn’t remember what document you last had open.

Happy to try some things too if you need. I love this app!

One extra detail. If I then try to manually open the last open document I was using, it won’t work. I have to select another of my documents first, then go back, and then select the one I was using.


The problem with one huge thread is that it is hard to know if something has already been posted or not. Apologies if this has already been covered, but I noticed some bugs with the menus:

  1. The “move” item was cut off
  2. The cursor shows through

See pictures:


So far the app looks somewhat decent for a non-native app, but I can’t really see myself using any outlining app that doesn’t have drag-and-drop organization. The “move to” menu just doesn’t work the way I work. It seems to require that I remember the text of each section of the outline? Hopefully this will be fixed before the initial release?


You can drag and drop an item by holding its bullet and then drag. No drag and drop for re-ordering documents and folders for now.


I see. I had actually tried that, but it didn’t work for me. Trying again I see that the problem is that the actual action is: tap and hold, wait for move item pop-up, then drag. The “wait” time is really too long so it seems like it isn’t working. And sometimes it really isn’t working. I have about 60% success getting this to work. (I can tell from the side that the bullet is being pressed because it gets a grey halo, but the pop-up never comes.)


I see, thanks for this!

I’ll test it some more and see under which cases it’s not working. It might have something to do with where you placed your finger in the first place…


Just for feedback, I find the “drag” really difficult on an iPhone screen also! (App and web app both.). I usually don’t bother, and wait until I go home to my desktop.

I’m not sure how it can be fixed, but apps like “Clear” do this very well: you don’t need to hit a bullet point, you can hit anywhere on the text. And sounds and 3D shading give you feedback that it’s all working.


Bug (?): I never have the Settings / Control / “Use bullet point to zoom in” option checked. Yet I’m always accidentally hitting the bullet point when I go to edit my text - or try to hit a checkbox - and I’m constantly unwantedly zooming in.

I’m honestly not a clutz, perhaps there’s a different tapping style or calibration going on. But it’s something that makes using the app slow for me, as I’m always tapping back to return back to the main document (and doing the same problem again and again before I can write or check anything).

(I think the bullets should really be able to be turned off as a zoom option to stop this.)

This happens on the web app too, so not sure if it’s a bug (or I’m just not understanding if/what that setting does).



But in Clear does hitting the text start editing it right away? Or do you need to hit some special “Edit” button? This is a difference between Dynalist and many other todo list apps.

I guess we can make it that way in the Read Mode, but not in the default mode, as many people would press and hold the text to edit it.


You should definitely download Clear… a quantum leap in list UXD from what went before, IMHO.

• Single click on text: text becomes editable
• Hold text: text rapidly becomes moveable

But there’s a whole lot of very subtle feedback clues (especially sound) that make it so good, and such a pleasure to use


@Erica Sorry if I post something here already posted in this long thread. My first practical test with IOS App was a shopping list with Checkboxes. This points wasn’t optimal:

  • I could not check the boxes. Had to go over the Textmenu
  • When pressing enter after a checkbox a “normal” point without checkbox starts. Would be great if I press edit after a checkbox list a new checkbox list appears. This doesn’t work in the OSX app neither.
  • After opening the file section it was hard for me to open a folder to see the inside documents. The little arrow is too small for my fingers :wink:
  • Search everywhere was not possible


I’d like to help test the IOS and Android beta apps. I’m getting tired of flipping between Toodledo and Workflowy, and would like to switch, but mature mobile apps are critical.

I can test on primarily iPhone 6s, but also iPad Air, Nexus 7 and Nexus 5X.



When writing on the iphone7 plus sometimes the line gets under the keyboard and becomes invisible - causing all kinds of typos :wink:



Ah, you mean when you keep typing and generate multiple lines that go beyond the screen space?


Yes indeed


How can I test your beta app?