iOS beta app thread

This is the centralized place to talk about the iOS beta app.

We’ll also put known problems here so that we can avoid duplicate reports.

Known problems

  1. [DONE] The login experience is bad because it requires opening the browser.
  2. Links to phone numbers should be tappable.
  3. [DONE, to be released] No option for using Wifi connection only.
  4. Cannot reorder files.
  5. [DONE, to be released] Cannot drag and drop items.

Thanks for the help, everyone!


Can I get in on the iOS app beta test? :smiley:

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Very timely. Just came here to ask about this :slight_smile: #inviterequests

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Sorry guys, we underestimated how long it would take Apple to do the beta app review.

We’ll send more invites when the beta app gets improved. Thanks f or the interest! :slight_smile:

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bug: When I type the return key to start a new entry I have to manually place the cursor in the new line to start typing

Confirmed, will investigate!

Thanks for this, @Oliver_Giessler!

No bug :smile: sync works great so far. Have tried hard to provoke an error but no “success” so far

Haha, what have you tried? :smile:

the usual stuff expected from a user. But in addition:

changes in the same moment on two devices while both being online or offline either in different parts of the list or the same
changes in the comments of a entry at the same time. Latest saved wins
simulating lost of connection while syncing
changes offline and online on different devices and a sync afterwards

For me everything as expected.

Maybe one would expect to receive a message if a entry got deleted on one device and not deleted but edited on a second device. Might be a point for shared lists …

Wow, sounds like a super pro tester! :thumbsup:

Yeah, conflicts are always tricky, But I agree that it’s a good idea to let the user know about the changes that are not directly visible to them.

Hi, thanks for including me in the beta list. The first impression unfortunately is very bad: it seems like a web app, nothing more that the safari experience. I was expecting gesture to work in the app to get the menu, work with tasks, eventually sync.

More over, tap on the task name in the viewing mode should unfold or zoom it.

That said, nice to have, I will try to use only this for a few weeks.

Hi @Silvio,

Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciated it.

The interface is the same, and I think this is good for consistency. The only difference for now is offline support. I know it’s invisible but it’s huge as a feature.

Can you be a little more specific about what kind of gesture you’re expecting?

Should it be unfold or zoom is a hard question though. Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll think about it :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

swipe right open up sidebar menu, swipe left setting menu, swipe up or down switch editing / viewing mode / go back home

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Update: this is fixed in 1.0.3, which is under beta app review. You’ll get an update when it’s fixed! Sorry we didn’t catch that.

I can understand this,

Is this some iOS convention? We’re not that familiar with iOS :confused:

You mean swipe up/down the entire screen? Is that also an iOS convention to switch between modes?

While the first one is a “default”, the others are just a suggestion. Pull down is normally used to refresh / sync. Since you have two menu, you can even use swipe left as Reeder does to open the contextual menu.

The main point is that this is not an app that gets advantages of being a native app, it’s just a web app I could create more or less by creating a shortcut from safari (plus offline, ok).

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Such an app would take months or even years to make, unfortunately. We made the decision to make the minimum-viable mobile app available as soon as possible, so that people who can’t use Dynalist on their metro commute can benefit.

From what you’re expecting, it might be a better idea to check back later, after the official release. That might match your expectation better. We know it’s an unimpressive experience after you’ve tried out the mobile web version, but that’s really not the intention of the beta test.

I know offline support doesn’t sound like a lot since it’s invisible, but it’s kind of huge. Just look like all the test cases @Oliver_Giessler posted :slight_smile:

Finally, thanks for the suggestions on gestures! We’ll do more research on that.

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I understand, and it’s great to have off-line mode on iOS and to be able to test it. I only add that users will define the kind of experience you want to provide by the apps you release. if an app is not more than a web app, you are saying you are not investing in that platform. you should at least clarify it when you’ll release the app in the store.

That’s a good idea! Clear communication and also expectation management. Thank you for this!

Offline mode is a terrific start, enough to get me to switch from Workflowy. Looking forward to it.

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