iOS beta app thread


uninstall - new install solved it

EDIT: Not - just one time. Not it acts as before


Update: at 10:01 AM after switching Auto-Lock back on (set at 3 Minutes) I have the old error “No Document is open”:iphone:

The same behavior occurs… 1) the “No Document is open” screen appears, 2) I attempt to switch to another document (it opens), 3) I try to switch back to the original document and 4) see the Dynalist logo spinning endlessly.

  • it took some time to get the error after changing back to auto-lock. I’m not sure why there would be a delay in the error since my phone had auto-locked several times in the testing period.


Ok, so it’s confirmed it’s related to Auto-Lock somehow…


You’re talking about global search right?

Could you please do me a favor and try to search for a more specific keyword? For example, if you were searching for “test”, please try search for a longer term like “tester device” and see if that works.

My guess is that there are too many results which makes the app unresponsive. If the app is stuck no matter how specific the term is then that’s probably not the problem.



Sorry, does not matter. My database is small at the moment


You did hit “Return” after entering the term, right?

From my testing the loading icon doesn’t appear after tapping “Return”. The results just show up…


yes, I see the spinning infinify sign till I kill the app



Sadly I am reporting the error still happens after turning the Auto-Lock off and reinstalling the beta 1.0.15.

Things were fine all morning until I left work, went home to eat and came back. Upon checking my Dynalist app I have the same “No Document is open/Spnning Logo” errors.

Sorry for the false hope :frowning:


Hello @Erica and @Shida,

Good news so far with beta 1.0.16 - I installed it yesterday afternoon (3/21) and has performed perfect so far across multiple WIFI networks and cellular connections. My only issue was the “No Document is open” error.


Great news, but unfortunately we don’t know what might be the “fix”.

Did you update your iOS version too?


Hi Erica, no updates to my iOS version since the reinstall of Dynalist beta. I’ll simply hold my breath… :grinning:


Okay, I hope it’s fixed for good this time!!


Happy to say that the update is working well for me across two devices (iPhone and IPad). However, one issue I have in general use which is not so much a bug still a bit irritating.

  • I have a line titled ‘Meeting’
  • Next sub line is the agenda as a pdf attachment

This works fine, looks nice and is convenient. However, when I want to add another line the neat looking attachment title opens up with the full path. I find it difficult on a small screen (with the keyboard popping up) to get to the end of that path to press enter for another line.

Is there an easier way or could this be improved?


So it’d be better if there’s a “+” button at the end of the last item that lets you add an item?


Hi Erica, yes, a ‘+’ would do it…


Hi @Erica and @Shida,

ios Beta 1.0.16 working now a full 24 hours without issues. :grin:


Update 3/25/17: I did get the “No Document is open” screen today after leaving the beta 1.0.16 app open and unused for hours.

I was able to switch to another document (use it) then switch back to the previous document (and use it) without problems.:smile:


Hi @Erica
I’d love to get in on the beta app as well if there are still invites available. Thanks!


I’d :heart: to join the beta as well.

Thank You!


@Benjamin @Mark_Gammon @Jonathan_Molina