How long does it take for you to load up your Dynalist?

How long does it take people to load up their dynalist after they enter it in the URL?

Mine always takes about 10 seconds on average to load up (on my largest view) .

Gif demonstration:

I’m wondering if it has anything to do with

  • how big my home-page files are getting
  • Inefficient CSS files I’m running in the background
  • any chrome extensions I’m running
  • Server is slow?

I only have 4-5 inlined images on that list view though, each file being fairly small in nature

For another list view with no items on it, it still takes about 9 seconds on average. Compartively workflowy took me about 5 seconds

This hasn’t really bothered me that much, since I just do other things while dynalist loads up, but I would really like to know if I’m experiencing load times similar to other users?

FWIW, @Vincent_Tang I had similar results (up to 10 seconds in load time) until I broke my workflow up into a small number of folders, and a few documents.

Now my load times are under 5 seconds. Just testing it this morning, and I am averaging about 3 seconds.

BTW, I do run two Stylish scripts.

The transition to using multiple files has taken a bit of time given that I used Workflowy for years.

Your results may vary.




on the second gif I didn’t have anything really on that page though, but the load times were similar to my super huge long document (9 seconds vs 10 seconds)

What you saw there was the entire document on that gif

my question is as follows

  • If I go to a view, and in that view there’s really large document thats collapsed, does that contribute to longer load times?

I’m pretty sure that each time you open new tab with dynalist it downloads all your documents.

mine is average 5 seconds. but I dont mind.
I dont want them to be broken in several parts either. the current form is fine

is there a faster way to just precache the documents somehow?

I wrote a post on this like 2 months ago

but i didn’t get anywhere with it though

I don’t know if this is possible for DL team, my guess is 95% on “no”, but it’s 100% not possible to us, users. It’s a big application, not a website. Wait until it fully loads itself, disconnect your internet and you will have access to all your documents. But I don’t think that fetching documents takes that much time, it’s rather parsing those documents to extract tags, prepare every view and whatever else.

A couple of suggestions.

Have you tried using Incognito Mode to see if it’s the browser load on your system? (or a freshly installed browser e.g. “Brave” if you want something based on Chrome)

Have you tried using the Desktop App?

Jesse Patel recently released the beta of the Workflowy desktop app and a big part of his intention was improved performance for users.

I tried desktop app it was equally as slow

I think the reason my load times are slow is because I’ve been duplicating old revisions of my one document to keep track of my previous workflows

Since there’s no revision history control/ import old note functions in dynalist

Desktop app was maybe 7-8 seconds

Incognito was like 7-8 seconds as well

I figured as much.

I have lots of duplicated copies of my notes probably slowing down load times.

I keep them since I’m not sure how to load notes from a previous state / revision contorl support

That’s interesting. I wonder if each document is treated like a separate file. Have you thought about keeping your revision history as a continuous list (a la Workflowy) in one document to see if that makes a difference?

Perhaps, but the load times really don’t bother me all that much

I’m not really sure how Dynalist imports previous version of notes so I’d rather not delete them for now

You’re PRO which means you can have daily backup with GDrive/Dropbox. If something happens then you can open your *.opml file from backup in some text editor, copy all content and paste it to new document in Dynalist. It will be exactly the same as original. You can also export it yourself whenever you want to opml and save on your disk.