Superfetch / pre-cacheing certain dynalist URL's?

Is there a way to do this? either directly on chrome, 3rd party solution, or with dynalist as a feature down the road?

Basically, I commonly revisit the same pages over and over again on my dynalist page.

Couldn’t I just cache those contents since 95% of it is going to be the same thing everytime I visit it (minus the 5% of new stuff I add continously on a rolling basis)

Maybe, could dynalist implement a superindex / supercache / prefetch (Idk what the terminology is called its something like that) for frequently visited lists / searches that I use?

As of right now it takes like a few seconds too long for me to quickly enter in my designated task view and then close it out so I can focus on work and stuff like that (I don’t have open all the time since I sometimes forget)