Process of finding good software


discovery of quality across a large % of things is incredibly hard problem

this is obvious, by definition, quality is the rare %

in general the best i’ve seen is

not really for good for highly specific needs tho

cant think of anything good for that

jotting down the process cos of this post from @Vincent_Tang

i wasnt familiar with a few of the sites, and there should’ve been a direct link to w/e the source is

instead of the → usage

“productivity” for chrome & android is very very very general

wasnt sure what was meant by ‘Some hardware solutions are better than software,’ exactly

since there was no examples, no specifics

but that approach/method is very quantity based approach, ‘a vast ocean search way’ i’d say, same here:

and i guess what it pretty much shows is how difficult hard of a problem this whole thing across many things (not just software) is

so dont have anything else to say


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