Process of finding good software

discovery of quality across a large % of things is incredibly hard problem

this is obvious, by definition, quality is the rare %

in general the best i’ve seen is Mac Archives – The Sweet Setup

not really for good for highly specific needs tho

cant think of anything good for that

jotting down the process cos of this post from @Vincent_Tang

i wasnt familiar with a few of the sites, and there should’ve been a direct link to w/e the source is

instead of the → usage

“productivity” for chrome & android is very very very general

wasnt sure what was meant by ‘Some hardware solutions are better than software,’ exactly

since there was no examples, no specifics

but that approach/method is very quantity based approach, ‘a vast ocean search way’ i’d say, same here:

and i guess what it pretty much shows is how difficult hard of a problem this whole thing across many things (not just software) is

so dont have anything else to say

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