Document not syncing

I’ve had this problem a couple of times now where my my main Dynalist document doesn’t sync. Instead of Synced in the upper right, I see the Sync Now link, however clicking on that does nothing. If I try to refresh the page I get a warning that unsaved changes will be lost. If I open a new Dynalist tab, I do not see the changes from the unsynced tab, so I know the sync hasn’t happened. -Mac, running Chrome. I’ve also checked my Internet connection. Any suggestions?

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Do you remember doing anything special before this happened, like creating a new document or shared something? That could give us more clue.

In this state it’s a good idea to export the content to a text file just in case your computer crashes or something.

@Shida should be able to help you debug this issue more…

Sorry for the inconveniences!

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Hey @Erica thanks. It has happened to me a couple times and I can’t think of anything particular in my usage during those times. I am running Powerpack and a Stylish theme, but not sure those would be having any impact. I wasn’t creating a new document or sharing, pretty much standard usage within the document.

I figured the first time it was a fluke, but now that it’s occurred again, I wanted to raise the issue. Thanks for the follow up.

Stylish shouldn’t affect it, since that’s just CSS.

I doubt Powerpack would impact this either, but have you ever run into this while not using Powerpack?

It has happened just in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been running PowerPack for a few weeks too… so, it has only happened when using Powerpack, but hard to know if there is any correlation.

Disable Powerpack may be too much to ask, but if this issue comes up often it may be worth it to stop using Powerpack for a few hours and see if it stops happening…

So how often do these issue happen? On average less or more often than once a day?

Makes sense. I’ll monitor if it continues, and then try disabling Powerpack and see if that has an impact. Thus far it is a rare occurrence, only happening a couple of times in the last 10 days or so. Definitely not as often even as once a day.

Ok, thank you!

Please also monitor if pasting as opposed to typing can lead to this, i.e. does it always happen after pasting something. I know it’s extremely hard to remember if you pasted after the issue appeared, but it’s easier if you know this possibility so you can have a better idea next time.

The reason is that sometimes when copying you could paste in invisible characters that can lead to unexpected situations. I doubt that’s the case since we haven’t received errors from your client, but it’s a one of the possibilities I can think of right now.

I’m also having this problem. I did copy and paste some text from Microsoft word, but there shouldn’t have been any odd invisible characters; it was just text. I’m on Chrome on a Macbook, and I’m not using any special apps or widgets. How did others resolve this? Did it eventually start syncing again, or did you have to download it and reupload it or something?


I was never able to get the document to sync until I refreshed the page. So I copied out some of the content, refreshed, and pasted the content. Since then I have not had issues with the document syncing. I’m continuing to monitor as it has occurred for me a couple of times. So far I can’t tie the behavior to anything specific or repeatable.

Could you try Ctrl+S and see if the “Sync now” link is still there?

From the information we’ve gathered so far, unlikely. You can export the document you’re working in the OPML format and paste it back after refresh, that’s the safest method.

Thanks for the update… Today we had any user running into this problem.

Serious stuff, will definitely gather as much info as we can and investigate this.

Thanks @Erica! Haven’t had a recurrence of the issue since last week. I’ll keep monitoring and let you know if I run into it again and/or if I can link it to any specific factors.

Now it says “Save now” where before it said “Sync now.” Clicking on it still does nothing. Ctrl+S also does nothing.

Also, the “backup” function first only backed up the part that had been synced, and then it was disabled. I could get it only by selecting everything, clicking the menu button to the left, and selecting “Export.” Unfortunately I only realized this after I had lost some of my work, having thought that “backup” backed up everything on the screen.

If this keeps happening, my team will have to find something other than Dynalist, which would be a real shame because otherwise Dynalist seems really fantastic!

It’s happened again! I just copied and pasted some text from Workflowy, because the Import from Workflowy function wasn’t working, and it stopped letting me sync. Do you think it is something that happens after a copy-paste?

It could be. How many lines/items did you copy paste? It could be related to the size of the pasted content.

I’m having the exact problem described here.
Yesterday (where the "Sync now tag is located) all day it showed the Dynalist figure-8 logo whirlling around. Now it is stuck on “Sync now” but clicking does nothing. It has not synced with my other versions (mac desktop and iOS) Any suggestions?

Sorry for the late reply – which platform were you on? And is it the web app or the desktop app?

I had same problem and found it is because of the settings of my smart phone application that the Mobile Settings> “Use WiFi only” is checked.
There is no warning or message to notice that syncing is failed because of the network connection.
When it is checked, I feel syncing seems to be less frequent even the smart-phone is connecting to WiFi.

To change it,
Smartphone-application> hamburger menu > Settings> Mobile settings > Use WiFi only > unchecked.

Haruyasu, I posted a bug report about your concern here: Says Synced, isn't synced

The simple solution they need to implement is to have a periodic attempt to get data from the server and if that fails (even temporarily) change the message from Synced to Not Syncing.

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